Column: Facebook is a toxic relationship and I can’t stop


Column: Facebook is een giftige relatie en ik kan niet stoppen

The way in which we Facebook deal is as if we are in a toxic relationship where we can’t stop.

Facebook is a toxic relationship

The news about the wrong things that Facebook does keep coming, but still, we make massive use of the social network. Worldwide sit over 2.3 billion people on Facebook. Yet the most of them by now have realized that the company can’t be trusted. It feels like a toxic relationship where we don’t want to stop.

This relationship started nicely. You the of everything with each other and you have together a lot of new friends made and new interests discovered. Your partner did have to take away, such as remembering birthdays and parties, so you do yourself no more about the need to think. You found each other even so nice, that you also went along to work.

But when there began to be strange things. You could have some odd traits of your partner, or forgive, such as when you have a year long each day was asked to play games. Recently, however, falls on your partner more and more things to tell later total not true turned out to be. Mainly alarming were the moment you details about your private life suddenly the others heard, while you information only with your partner, had bapt.

giftige relatie


When you and your partner on these things appealed to, got you, sincere apologies. It would really never happen. Still it happened a month later and a month after that again. At that time, also other small things on it. Your partner is doing the door of the house was never locked, and you could swear that you are a no-no sticker on the letter box had stuck? And what do those dictionaries Russian plots in the cabinet?

Nevertheless, it brings the relationship a lot of good things, so you look it through the fingers. It is still the person who is always ready to listen to what you have to tell. Without this relationship, you have also suddenly no more contact with all kinds of fun people. Also, would your job be hard, because you have private and work in the course of the time entwined.

But relationships are built around trust, and Facebook we just can no longer trust. As simple as that. Time and time again, the company takes responsibility not. It is up to you whether you can live with, or you what to do. If Facebook really a relationship, we had it already been?


A good number of Dutch people has already taken action, because Facebook was too far gone. From the National Social Media Research 2019 turned out to be a couple of weeks ago that the platform was 640 000 less Dutch users than in 2018. Of them log up to 400,000 people, while at 240,000 people their account is actually cancelled. But there are still 11.9 million Dutch people on Facebook.

I myself have taken a number of steps to manage the relationship with Facebook as little as possible influence in my life. My posts are first, only for friends to see. I also have a lot of personal information, such as my place of residence, employer, birthplace, and so on. Photos of which I do not want them in the wild somewhere appear, I have deleted and I have also a large pile of page likes removed.

Nevertheless, I have Facebook still needed and there is no good alternative. It is much easy to keep, right? Though it sounds now as if I were a real toxic relationship to it to justify the am.

You have to deal with violence in a relationship, or do you make your about someone? Then look for help on the website or call 0800-2000.

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