So you can add your Fortnite accounts on Android and other platforms together


Zo voeg je jouw Fortnite-accounts op Android en andere platformen samen

It is now possible to get several Fortnite accounts to merge, so as to your V-Bucks, and cosmetics, among other between Android, pc, and PlayStation 4 to move. This is how it works.

Fortnite-merge accounts

Popular game Fortnite is now on all sorts of different platforms to play, but it can happen that you on these systems, different accounts used. That is of course not useful. Fortunately, it is now possible for accounts to merge.

Why would you Fortnite-merge accounts?

In Fortnite earn or buy your V-Bucks, which your cosmetics purchase. These items will be linked to your unique account. If you have multiple accounts, then you can’t use what you have on your other account you earn. Why you do such a cool dance on your console, but not on your Android device. By your accounts merge, you have the same everywhere.

fortnite accounts

What are the rules for Fortnite accounts to merge?

There are a number of things take into account before you make an effort to get your accounts together. So you can not use an account that by Epic Games for one reason or another it is discontinued. Also, you have to have access to the e-mail addresses of both accounts. It will also be one of the two accounts that you are merging will be halted. So make sure that you friends you from that account plays on the track.

How do I add Fortnite account together?

To Fortnite accounts to merge, go to the Account Merge page of the Fortnite website. There you can log in with your primary account where you have all data to go, it wants to send. Then you can log in with the second account is where your data from want to send. Then follow the instructions on the website.

→ Download Fortnite at Epic Games (free)

As of recently, it is also possible to Fortnite for Android with controllers to play.