The 5 best Android apps in the Play Store from week 6 – 2019


De 5 beste Android-apps in de Play Store van week 6 – 2019

Android Planet select every Sunday for the newest, most interesting and best Android apps and games and put them in a handy list. In the fifth week of 2019 we will have four cool Android apps for you. Read soon!

1. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

Virtually all parents do it: children sweet preserve with a smartphone or tablet while you what other things regulates. Then you will want, however, to be sure that your children are not strange things to see. And because every day thousands of new videos on YouTube will appear, there may be something twijfelachtigs between.

There is YouTube Kids. It is a custom, child-friendly version of the video service. On YouTube Kids you will find virtually only videos that are safe and appropriate for children. No horror movies or explicit content, but kindermuziek and sweet animations. Google promised at the end of 2018, with the service soon to the Netherlands, and is now with the roll-out started. Through the link below you can YouTube Kids download in the Netherlands through the Play Store.

→ Download, YouTube Kids in the Play Store (free)

2. Appie


With the Appie app, you can with your smartphone you messages select to deliver, or be ready to put in an Albert Heijn Pick Up Point. The app is popular, sticks logically arranged and contains a large assortment of recipes and your grocery list will even sort by the walking route from the Albert Heijn store in your neighborhood.

By the latest update, the app is a bit finer in use. First of all, shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays now from 50 euro to your home concerned, where previously 70 euro. In addition, there is a handy feature if you are conscious with your food. Now you can with previously purchased products to see what the nutritional value per 100 grams.

→ Download Appie in the Play Store (free)

3. Bacon – The Game

It is not often that an Android game you the giggles can deliver: but Bacon – The Game ” is a good candidate. In the simplistic but bizarre game revolves around one thing: to slices of bacon to throw on the most diverse objects or persons.

Throw bacon in cocktails and French fries, but also, for example, to Napoleon Bonaparte, a duck, inspiring quote or indexgrafiek. Keep your laughter in check: secretly, the game is not easy. The objects are still difficult to cover with a slice of bacon, with a pan on it trying to save it.

→ Download Bacon – The Game in the Play Store (free)

4 and 5. Google Live transcribing and audio Amplifier

Google wants to be the life of the hard of hearing improve. The company therefore introduces two apps: one that lets you can follow what others say, and the other for ambient noise to filter the noise. The first ensures that you know what another says, thanks to voice recognition. You see the words directly on the screen of your smartphone. Live transcribing currently works with 70 languages, including Dutch.

When you’re in a noisy café, it is difficult to make themselves understood, even if you are not hard of hearing. Google wants to solve this problem with the Amplifier, the second new app. This program makes audio clearer and gets the noise away. Also the sound is a bit amplified. The only thing you need is a headset with a wire.

→ Download Live transcribing in the Play Store (free)

→ Download audio Amplifier in the Play Store (free)