Colruyt: Belgian Google Assistant in the making, the feature is already ready for tests’


Colruyt: ‘Belgische Google Assistent in de maak, functie al klaar voor tests’

The Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt, is experimenting with voice lists on the Google Assistant. That suggests that the Belgians soon with the Google Assistant and Home to get started.

Colruyt start of the first Belgian Google Assistant test

Colruyt is looking for a hundred clients in the coming weeks, the Google Assistant feature of the supermarket chain want to test. These users against the Google Assistant talk to add to their shopping list. There is a link with the MyColruyt app to the additions to personalize. “If someone water is added, set the app a bottle of Boni Selection-mineraalwoter for the customer who often buys,” says the chain.

The Google Assistant is actually still not available in Belgium. A French version is already quite some time available, and since the summer of 2018, there is also a Dutch Google Assistant. A variant made for the Belgian market, which is French and Walloon speaking, is not there yet. Colruyt said that there is worked.

“Google is currently working on the Belgian version of Google Assistant. In the meantime, does the test with the version that is now available in the Netherlands and France,” gives Colruyt. The fact that Colruyt plans to to add support, suggests that the Belgian Google Assistant is likely within the next few months. We have Google to respond, but as yet no response has been received.

Belgians can now via a small detour with the Google Assistant getting started. By the language settings on their device to match, they can talk with the Dutch or French Assistant. However, there are no local services or businesses that features the voice assistant have been developed. In the Netherlands you can, for example, with the Google Assistant Pathé ask for movie times, or recipes of Albert Heijn.

Several Belgian retail electronics stores such as MediaMarkt and Vanden Borre sell the Google Home and Home Mini. There, you pay a small fee for. Moreover, it is also true here that there is only limited support for Belgian services.

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