Smart lighting for new Opel Corsa


Unveiling soon

February 11, 2019

Bob Kroese

Opel reveals soon the sixth generation of the Corsa. The model will have smart technology of larger opel’s.

Opel shows already a very small piece of the new Corsa. It comes to a headlamp, which is equipped with IntelliLUX LED Matrix technique. This option is inherited from the larger Opel models and ensures that you as a driver always have high beam lights. The beam is constantly adjusted to ensure that other road users are not blinded.

The sixth-generation Corsa is the first with a French base. The car is developed in cooperation with zustermerk Peugeot, which this year on the same platform as the new generation 208 presents. Both models will have an electric version, and Opel promises that the Corsa ‘affordable’. Even for the middle of this year to open the brand, the order books for the electric powered version.