WhatsApp introduces new contactfunctie, working on handy market


WhatsApp introduceert nieuwe contactfunctie, werkt aan handige fotofunctie

Lars Paymans


13:53 pm
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WhatsApp today announced a convenient new way to add people. Also, the chat app behind the scenes quietly to a new search feature for photos.

WhatsApp is working on ” Reverse image search-function’

Version 2.19.31 of WhatsApp for Android is available from today. The update adds a small but welcome improvement, which comes in handy if you are a new person to the app you want to add.

As soon as you enter a phone number, check the app automatically or the phone number with a WhatsApp account. So you can make sure you someone add that actually has WhatsApp. That works very easily. Simply press “New chat” and then on “New contact” in order to perform the check.

WhatsApp reverse image search

XDA Developers discovered, moreover, that there is another major update to the popular messaging app. After a lot of complaints about the spread of nepnieuws has WhatsApp already has several measures were taken to counter this. Be so forwarded messages are now tagged and they will not be able indefinitely to be forwarded.

There will soon be a built-in function at the origin of the images to find out. With the so-called ‘Reverse Image Search’ you can get a picture from WhatsApp in Google Images to see where this comes from.

A useful tool, made accessible

That way you can give more context, and possibly see whether the edited image is that incorrect information spreads. This means that you, as a user, easier to with a press of a button the authenticity of a photo to find out.

For the time being, this mode is still a test, not yet available to users. Because the function is perfect, though, in the list of improvements fits that WhatsApp lately introduced, it will probably not take a long time to this update in the App Store pops up.

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