Failure: NPO and NLZiet via Chromecast streaming does not work anymore


Storing: NPO en NLZiet via Chromecast streamen werkt niet meer

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


19:42 pm
2 min


You can the journal not look through your Chromecast? Or works NLZiet not more? That could be right. Many viewers suffer from a Chromecast-interference with programs of the NPO and NLZiet stream is not possible. We are working on a solution.

Chromecast-interference NPO and NLZiet

The last Chromecast update from Google makes a lot of NPO and NLZiet viewers for problems. On the official support page of the NPO is to be read that it to the patch of 23 april.

“Since the software update of Google of Tuesday, april 23, does our NPO Start-app, not in combination with Chromecast,” according to the website. “It is currently not possible to our broadcasts through Chromecast to view it.” The NPO offers to apologize for the inconvenience and says busy in the back with a solution.

Google Chromecast-hack ontdekt

The fault seems to be with Google and not with the NPO or NLZiet. It doesn’t matter if your free to programs of the Dutch broadcasting watching, or paid for NPO Plus. On Twitter to notify people that they can connect to their Chromecast, but that after any complaints not a film, program or series follows.

This you can do with your Chromecast to watch

It is not clear whether all of the Chromecast models suffer from the interference. With my own first generation dongle is streaming in any case no longer possible. The fault appears to be around Tuesday evening 23 april at 21:00 hours began. On Twitter, reports the NPO that one can not estimate when the problem will be solved, because a Google update is causing the problems. NLZiet says have contacted the zoekmachinebedrijf.

NPO and NLZiet look there so for now just not in, but beyond that, there is plenty of beautiful things to look and listen. Check for inspiration in our weekly Chromecast-tips. With the monthly Netflix-tips, you need neither to get bored.

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