Chromecast-tips-week 21: the best of Play Movies, YouTube and Spotify


Chromecast-tips week 21: het beste van Play Films, YouTube en Spotify

Erwin Vogelaar


19:21 pm
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A Chromecast is useful, but what to look or listen you? With our weekly tips, we recommend you films, series, podcasts and more on to stream. In our Chromecast tips from week 21 (2019), among others, The Hate You Give and Telltale.

Chromecast-tips week 21 (2019): The Hate You Give and Telltale

With a Chromecast in your tv or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker watch and listen your media from your smartphone, in better quality. That is useful, but you have to know what you need to look and listen. In addition to our monthly Netflix-tips we have, therefore, also a weekly, Chromecast-tips. Herein we give some of the current look – and luistertips, both free and paid services.

1. Watching: The Hate You Give (Play Movies)

Starr Carter lives in a poor neighborhood, but goes to an expensive school. There, she tries between the white students as little as possible. Until they see how a friend right before her eyes is shot by a police officer. By this injustice, she can no longer remain silent, how dangerous it is to let you hear her voice also. The film is based on the eponymous book.

Find The Hate You Give in to the Play Store via this link. The film look you have on your Android device with the Google Play Movies app. The film you buy for 12,99 euros and you can rent for € 4.99.

→ Download Google Play Movies in the Play Store (free)

2. Watch: Telltale – The Human Stories Behind The Games (YouTube)

The games from Telltale came at a rapid pace, with, among other series of The Walking Dead, Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy. These games are all Android playable, except Game of Thrones. The studio is on the head, so there’s no new games come out. In this documentary you get a tin can behind the scenes, through the people who have worked there.

3. Listen: Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated (Spotify)

Perhaps you know Carly Rae Jepsen still as the girl that Call Me Maybe sang, but that does not do justice to what a star, she now has become. Dedicated is already the fourth album of Jepsen, which is filled with delicious pop songs.

Find Dedicated of Carly Rae Jepsen on Spotify.

→ Download Spotify in the Play Store (free)

4. Watch: Buddy (NPO)

Dogs can be very helpful beasts, not only to blind people through the world to conduct. In this documentary, six dogs followed, which are indispensable for their owners. This helps one with, among other things, the opening of the refrigerator, the other a veteran with PTSD, and another dog helps a boy with autism.

chromecast-tips week 21 2019

The Passion to watch you doing through the NPO website or NPO Start-app, available from the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download NPO Start in the Play Store (free)

5. Listening to: Rammstein – RAMMSTEIN (Spotify)

Rammstein is back with a more experimental album than you’re used to from the German band. But also this time again there is an amazing collection of songs ready to go, where the well-known sound clearly in return. The eponymous album is the first new music from the band since ten years, but it was worth the wait.

Find RAMMSTEIN of Rammstein on Spotify.

→ Download Spotify in the Play Store (free)

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