Here are the 7 coolest smartphonegames E3 2019


Dit zijn de 7 tofste smartphonegames van E3 2019

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In addition to a new Xbox console, Halo, Avengers, and so much more to E3 2019 at the latest, of course, also smartphonegames. We have the most awesome Android games on a row.

The 6 most awesome E3 2019 smartphonegames

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an annual event where game companies and their new games will be beneficial to do so. This year, the weather was good.” So, Microsoft announced a new console at the first footage of Halo Changes, and the left Square-Enix from the Final Fantasy VII remake, and Avengers.

A game event can, of course, is not without smartphonegames. In this category, it’s snowing, though, and is accompanied by all of the other big names. That is why we are the best and most interesting Android games for you!

1. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

With the heroes out of all the Tom Clancy games such as Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and The Division to come together to do battle on your phone. The game seems to be a tactical shooter in which you need to take it from the top of the ship. On the website of the game, you can already start to register.

2. Sky: Children of the Light

From the makers of Flower and Journey, is to come up with, the Sky, a game in which you have a special world discovered, is full of secrets. The style is that of a Journey, but with a lot more color. The creators promise you the world, the Sky continues to expand, with a new adventure. The game is only available for Apple devices, but Android has already been confirmed for the future.

3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles came out in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube. This winter, get in the game and make a new life with a polished remaster. This version will come out not only to Nintendo, a Switch, and a PlayStation 4, but also on smartphones and tablets. With an on-line mode in this version is possible to get together with friends, have an adventure and monsters to defeat.

4. Who brought the POP!

The popular Xbox franchise Gears of War is coming to phones, but not the way you expect it to. The heroes and monsters have been turned into Funko POP figures and will be competing against each other for the win. The game can be seen as a kind of Clash is Large, in which your goal is to get the opponent on the other side of the field and beat them. This is done by slowly gaining ground, and for that you have to tactically think about. The game is already to be found in the google Play Store.

5. Commander Keen

Publisher Bethesda has chosen to be one of the classics of the shed: Commander Keen! In the game, it is Dadmiral Keen is kidnapped, and the only twins that Year, and they are able to rescue him. Therefore, they have a lot of gadgets. They can also compete against each other in a multiplayer mode. On the official web-site, you can find yourself scrambling to register.

6. Romancing SaGa 3 And SaGa Of The Scarlet Grace: Ambitions

Square-Enix is releasing two titles in the SaGa series to the west. The two big rpg’s for quite a few hours of fun. Romancing SaGa 3 (1995) comes with a remastered version of the smartphone. And the SaGa of the Scarlet Grace: Ambitions is a better version of it in 2016, and published SaGa: the Scarlet Grace. When it came to the game solely for the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

7. The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons, or Elsweyr

Kaartgame The Elder Scrolls: Legends ‘ gets an extension. This time around, it’s all about the Khajiit, who are being threatened by the Imperial. In addition, the dragons themselves, who, in their own way and cause panic. In the game, this means that, among other things, that there are more than 75 new ones have been added. The expansion also includes the new music.

More games

Can’t wait for this game. Don’t worry, because there is a lot to play with. Check out the five best Android games from may 2019, with the KIDS, and Daggerhood. In addition, at this E3, a lot of more details about the Stages disclosed, and the gamestreamingdienst provided by Google. Here are all of Google’s Phase-in games that are already in place.