So, remember, the Samsung S10 in your most recently used camera mode


Zo onthoudt de Samsung Galaxy S10 je laatst gebruikte cameramodus

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


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The Samsung Galaxy S10 to remember which mode you last time you used it. In the time that you obtained, it can be the difference between a failed or successful picture. So you can make sure that the camera on your S10 you will remember.

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera to remember

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will remember whether the last time you take a photo with front or back camera. It is also possible to use the most recently used camera mode in mind, so you’ll be ready to continue on with taking pictures. So you can make sure that the Samsung Galaxy s S1o-the camera always opens in the last used mode:

  1. Open up the Camera app on your samsung Galaxy S10, S10-Plus or the S10e;
  2. Just tap the tandwielicoon at the top left to get to the settings;
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap the button on the Camera’s modes;
  4. Slide the power switch to the “Save last” mode, so that the cell turns blue.

Samsung Galaxy S10 cameramodus onthouden

Now, open the camera mode you last used. Also, if you have the phone re-boots, the settings will be kept. Of course, you have the option to disable it by the above steps. When is the last time a movie clip is created, the video will be opened automatically.

Why is this feature useful

Most of the people will find their Samsung Galaxy S10 camera on the automatic setting, but because it takes into account, inter alia, the lighting, and without a lot of effort, good photos. However, there are situations in which it is easier to get another camera to use.

If you have, for example, a lot of selfies, it is more useful to be able to Live a Focus to be able to stand up, keeping your face nice and stands out against the blurred background. The same is true for those who love the Super Slowmo-video, or in the evening, with a Night Mode to go to work.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

Our Samsung Galaxy S10 (Plus) review, we were very pleased with the flag. Below the screen, the powerful processor and the camera fell in the lobby. A great piece of good luck was that the whole of the Galaxy, S10 series, in the last few months be strong in the price fell. Check out the best Samsung Galaxy s S10 listings in our hundred.