Google Files get the dark mode, check the screenshots below


Ook Google Files krijgt donkere modus: check de screenshots

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Files by Google

Files-by Google




Following In the footsteps of the other Google apps will also use the file manager app from the Google Files, to have a dark mode as well. The feature is currently in beta phase and is not yet finished. This is what the theme looks like.

The dark mode of the Google Files

Google Files, it is an app which access the storage space used on your smart phone or tablet. You can see how much space your photos, videos, and other files take up, and can be easy for the media to back up to Google Photos. Is your storage almost full? Files to clean your memory easily. In addition, it allows you to share files with people you know, even without an internet connection.

The file management app, primarily through the use of the color white, but there is a second aspect to be in. The Google test is, namely, a dark mode, black and grey. This one, for example, in the evening is more pleasant to the eyes, and extends the battery life of the devices, with an (am)oled display. This display screen displays black, the pixels turn off and do not have to be in a dark mode, so it is less of the pixels of the light to be fitted. The dark gray also calls for much less power than a light color.

google files donkere modus

google files donkere modus

google files donkere modus

In the dark mode, the the Google Files are not. In the menu on the left, for example, has not yet been optimized for the dark color, and some of them are still either white or very colorful. In the next period of time takes to Google these items, and in the dark mode, all of the Files at the users will.

The Test of the dark mode in the beta

You don’t want to wait, there’s a way to get the dark theme would certainly try it out. Do not install the Google Files, app, and swipe it on the Play Store page, go down until you get to the heading ‘the program’ to see. Click on the “take” and then wait for a few minutes. You can use the Files app that is now updated. Just Open the app after the update, and the chances are that you’ll get a message about how to enable dark mode.

This method is supported by a number of people, but we have learned not to see it. Likely to test is to Google the topic – automatically – from one of the app’s users. If you’re not successful, you will have to wait a little longer.

More apps with the dark theme

In the meantime you can get started with the darker themes of the other Google apps as well. And so, earlier this week, Google Assistant, Google-app-with a dark tan. Also, Google Authenticator, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google apps have a dark theme. In our guide, please read it or you’ll see the dark mode, Android mode.

With the latest version of Android, Android tablets, 10.0 (Q), has a full dark mode. For that reason, it is becoming more and more applications from Google and third-party developers have a dark theme.

Are you a fan of the dark theme, or do you prefer a lighter interface? Join the discussion in the comments below!

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