Samsung Galaxy S9 update that improves the camera with a night mode on the Galaxy S10


Galaxy S9-update verbetert camera met nachtmodus van Galaxy S10

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The news

Samsung camera night mode on the samsung Galaxy S10 will also go to older branches. The samsung S9 (Plus), is first in line and will receive an update. For this, you need to know about the night.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will turn on night mode

The Samsung Galaxy S10 it has a night mode in the camera app, and go to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The feature is in the update for June, which is currently rolling out in the asia pacific region.

The update appears to be expected in a few days as well. As for the S10, and S9 are the same camerahardware to use the night mode on the two devices are similar in performance. The night the carousel the camera app.

Samsung Galaxy S10 geruchten

Shooting the (dim)darkness is going to be a smartphone to be more difficult than during the day. The camera captures less light and produces a dark image with less detail and fewer colours and more noise. A special night is perfect. It takes a few seconds to take a picture, and it captures more light. This will result in a brighter picture with better colours and more detail.

Note 9 also comes on the turn

The night is coming to the Galaxy Note 9, and also, this unit is virtually of the same quality of supply. It is unclear as to when the update is available, Samsung has released a few details about it were provided. As with the S9 series, it is now the turn, it is reasonable to assume that the Note 9 is soon to follow. Or in other, less expensive samsung Galaxy smartphones will also be a night for the update, it is not clear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro-versie

A night mode is also not limited to Samsung devices. Of the Google Pixel, The 3, Huawei, P30, Pro, and OnePlus 7 Pro, for example, have a special position for photographs in the dark.

If you have a samsung Galaxy S9 (a Plus), you will receive the update automatically within the. In the settings, you can go to “Software update” to manually check for the update for your device is available. If so, then it makes sense to make the update via wi-fi to download it, and install it as the file is quite large. Do you have the update now.

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