The synchronization between the Google Drive and Google Photos, stop this, you need to know


Synchronisatie tussen Google Drive en Google Foto’s stopt: dit moet je weten

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


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If you have photos in Google Drive and save it will display the pictures automatically in Google images. A lot of people find that confusing, and, therefore, Google will stop the synchronization between the two services. So, you can take photos still has the double save.

Google Drive sync Google Photos and stops

The zoekmachinegigant make the change in a blog post. When you enter your photos or videos into Google Drive to upload, they appear automatically in Google images, and vice-versa. Because of the synchronization between the services stop you have to of files and so twice removed.

When you find a photo on Google Photos, will remove this image so you have something to Drive. Google is said to have been chosen as some of the users have accidentally images are removed, and the slides on both of the services in the way it was. The syncing between the apps, it stops, starting in July. This means that the density of this is still ‘normal’ on both the Drive and the Photos should appear.

Google Drive synchronisatie stopt

So, you can take photos still has the double save

Do you think it is still better to have the valuable photos to two locations have in common? Then you will soon be able to use the new function “Upload from Drive”. By clicking on this button allows you to manually create the photo’s and video’s from Drive to Google Pictures to copy.

Also, keep in mind that it’s now twice as much space, given that Google is the same image as separate files. If you have a lot of pictures in high quality, save this up a lot of space. Of course, you will receive a warning when capacity is low. Finally, it is possible to take pictures directly to the Drive, and upload it to the Google data Backup app is the best for you.

Synchronisation will stop with effect from July

The new feature is rolling from July. A specific release date is still unknown. Google has been lately very active and will bring the update to its apps. For example, the Photo app recently added a dark mode, and the Drive of new Materials and design features. Also, the Google Assistant will have a dark mode as well.

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