‘These are the 3 features for the Google’s Pixel is 4 (XL)’


‘Deze 3 features komen naar de Google Pixel 4 (XL)’

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The news

Google’s Pixel is 4 (XI) only in the fall, to be expected, but the concrete information is leaking out now. Different media report various Google’s Pixel is 4-features, and show you the likely design of the phone.

Google’s Pixel is 4 in the design

The three generations of the Pixel phones seem to be on the outside of a lot of each other, and, according to some people, it’s time for a new design. Google seems to follow them and in turn to the Pixel 4, and a larger Pixel-4 or XL in a different way. This week’s issue of the well-known and usually reliable insider, OnLeaks images of the devices, based on factory drawings and details for hoesjesmakers.

And now, a popular YouTube account Unbox Therapy posted a video in which he is a metal block, showing the external appearance of the Pixel, the 4 would be lost. The block is also provided for the manufacturers of that Pixel, the 4-skins to evolve. The design is consistent with the images of the OnLeaks.

What are the first things you notice is the large one on the back of the unit. It could be the battery, which significantly extends. According to Unbox Therapy, get a Pixel-for-Pixel 4 (XL) a combination of two cameras and a spectral sensor. It is still unclear as to where the additional camera and a special sensor for it was meant to be. Moreover, it seems that the iPhone-2019 as well as a camerabult to get it.

The front side of the Pixel to be 4 (XL) would be a total of five cameras, house, as possible, in a broad notch. It seems that the camera not only for selfies you can use the advanced face detection technology. The smartphone would have 3D gezichtsbeveiliging support, a technique in which you can find on the iPhone, X and later. In the fourth, Android’s Q-beta, it appears that Google is working on a secure and safe way of having it. It is possible that the Pixel 4 is the first smartphone to use this feature supports.

The images and information from Unbox Therapy is a further advantage that a Pixel-for-Pixel 4 (XL), no headphones. A finger print scanner is also absent, though it may also be behind the display.

Google Pixel 4 ontwerp

‘Control your smartphone using gestures,’

In addition, a new design would be Pixel-for-Pixel 4 (XL) as well as a new feature, get it. According to information provided by XDA Developers, and 9to5Google shows that Google is working on gebarenbediening, in which it will be possible to get the device for hands-free use. It would be a short distance on to the smartphone wave to make the sound louder or softer, or mute the sound.

Evidence for these actions may be found in the betas of Android, “Q”, but it hasn’t. The reason for this is simple: the underlying software is still incomplete, and the existing Pixel smart phones are lacking the necessary “aware” sensor. This sensor makes its debut, probably at the Pixel to be 4 (XL). The first smart phone with a hands-free gebarenbesturing is there already, and it comes from LG. Our LG G-8 ThinQ video preview to demonstrate how the handherkenning to work.

Improved display

According to information provided by XDA Developers, it appears, finally, that Google is working hard on a feature, that is, the setting of the monitor adjusts automatically to the surrounding light conditions. It doesn’t sound that exciting, but it will result in a better-to-read display screen that will also provide more accurate color reproduction it offers.

A very good automatic white-balance feature, in a build up can be difficult, and that’s why there are only a few smart phones that can do this. The newer iPhones and iPads come with the Apple developed the “True Tone” technology, and the LG G-8 ThinQ has a similar feature.

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