Xiaomi presents the budget for Mi 9T, and the Mi Band, a 4 for Europe


Xiaomi presenteert voordelige Mi 9T en Mi Band 4 voor Europa

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The news

Xiaomi is the Mi 9T in the Netherlands to sell to them. The high-end smartphone is the slide out selfiecamera and good value for money. In addition, the manufacturer, the Mi Band, 4, is a affordable, the fitnesstracker, with a battery life of three weeks.

Xiaomi Mi 9T-with-pop-up-camera-official

E 9T is the international version of the Redmi, the K20, which is Xiaomi at the end of may, presented by. In Asia, the manufacturer, the Redmi K20 Pro, with better specs and a higher price. This smartphone has today been announced for Europe, but it may be later on. There are going to be for weeks, rumors of release, and the online store Belsimpel claims that the smartphone is ‘coming soon’, to be able to deliver it. The price is not yet fully understood.

Still love Xiaomi, the Mi 9T, which will be available later this month, was released in the Netherlands. The device is basically a cheaper version of the Xiaomi Mi 9. That is, it is available from 449 euros. With a starting price of us $ 299 is for the Mi 9T here, have, but, in practice, very little of it. In fact, at some points it is even better than its more expensive brother.

Thus, e 9T is a 6,39-inch screen with a slide out selfiecamera. The Mi 9, that the camera is in a little notch at the top of the screen. Another improvement is the battery. Where e 9 is a 3300 mAh battery, the Mi 9T equipped with a 4000 mAh battery. Since the screen is the same, the hardware is almost the same, the Mi 9T a long way.

Also of interest is the return of the headphone jack. Xiaomi deleted this connector, the Mi of 9, but it says I listened to his (angry) fans around the world. E 9T has, therefore, to have a gate.

Xiaomi Redmi K20

In order to lower the price in order to have a Xiaomi in other areas, however, are a few of the spending cuts take effect. Thus, e 9T is a less powerful Snapdragon 730 processor, and the battery can not charge wirelessly. E 9 it runs on a fast Snapdragon 855-a-chip, and supports wireless charging. Wire load is 27 W, and e 9T, is up to 18 Watts of power. That is, it is still faster than any predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S10, Plus, with 15 Watts of power to charge.

Xiaomi Mi 9T specifications

The main specs of the Xiaomi Mi 9T, are as follows:

  • 6,39-inch full-hd oled display
  • Snapdragon 730 processor
  • 6 GB of ram
  • 64GB or 128GB opslaggruimte
  • 4000 mAh battery with a 18W charging
  • nfc, usb-c, 3.5 mm port, and dual-sim
  • The Android 9.0 (Pie) with SEVERAL 10

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Xiaomi is selling in addition to e 9 e 9 SE, and a mid-range handset which, as a total of 340 it. This is a smartphone with a notch and a slower processor, inferior to the e 9T, but it will cost more. For a foreign competitor to do so.

The Mi Band is a 4, with long battery life

In addition to smartphones, does Xiaomi, but also many other smart products, security cameras, and rijstkokers to an electric scooter, and fitnesstrackers. Last year, the Mi Band is a 3, and it is now replaced by the Mi-Band is 4. Compared to its predecessor, has a larger display (0,95 inches), with a higher resolution of 120 by 240 pixels in size. The Mi-Band 3 used a black-and-white display.

On the screen, the time will be displayed, complemented by bewegingsstatistieken and notifications from your smartphone. You have to link the fitnesstracker, via bluetooth, a 5.0 on your Android device, all the brands will be supported.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Mi Band 4 water resistant up to fifty meters and has a variety of sensors. You can use the fitnesstracker, therefore, use them for running, hiking, biking, swimming, and hiking. According to Xiaomi, the battery of up to twenty-one days of it – just as long as the Mi Band, 3 in.

Xiaomi brings its Mi Band, 4 different models available on the market. In China it appears to be a model, nfc (for contactless payments) and a microphone, with the support of the Xiaomi’s AI-stemassistent. For the fitnesstracker, to talk to, you can put your music in control and smart home appliance products to control. The European version of the Mi Band, 4 there seems to be no nfc and a microphone, you have to have. Xiaomi will sell the wearable as of June 26, in a variety of colors for a suggested retail price of 34,99€.

Looking for a fitnesstracker? Android, the Planet sets for the 4 fitnesstrackers in a row. Do you need to go with the Xiaomi Mi 9T, Mi nexus 4 to buy? Let it be know in a comment below this article.

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