Huawei proposes to sell a folding Degree of X after the samsung Galaxy Fold-collapse


Huawei stelt verkoop opvouwbare Mate X uit na Galaxy Fold-debacle

By Dennis de Vries


13:32 pm
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The news

With the launch of the Huawei ascend Mate is X, by the manufacturer is a few months delayed. After the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the decision of the Chinese manufacturer, and their fold-away smartphone to some is to sell.

Huawei ‘cautious’, after the Galaxy Fold

Huawei proposes to sell the first foldable smartphone is to be sure that there will be no technical problems. That’s what makes the manufacturer on the U.s. news website CNBC. The fold-out Huawei ascend Mate in X, it was originally in this month’s sale will be going on. Huawei does not, however, to take a cautious approach, and the sales up to september 2019. So, it is a disaster such as the recent Samsung seemed.

Samsung was the first to smartphonefabrikant which is a compact smart phone on the market. Journalists, that is, the first models of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, cut reported, however, soon found out that there are several problems encountered with the flexible screen. They were so great, that Samsung was eventually forced to launch the Galaxy Fold, until further notice, to be set up. Huawei says it is to try to prevent that and it turns out to be, say, additional testing, if any problems with folding screen to fix the problem.

Huawei Mate X scharnier

The extent of X, with an Android and HongMeng?

It is reasonable to assume that the impact of the trade war between China and the united states have a role to play. For U.s. companies, is now no longer allowed to do business with Huawei and its affiliates. Google has been forced as the Android license is for the Smartphone to take it away. In theory, it is fact that the future of Huawei smartphones, with Android to come. Huawei has its own operating system in development, called HongMeng. That should be out this fall to be ready.

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The Huawei ascend Mate X had already been announced prior to the ban, U.s. companies were to apply. This would be a folding smartphone in a full-featured version can be supplied. Against a CNBC report, a spokesman from Huawei that Android is still preferred, but, if we are forced to do so, we will be more than ready for it. We can do it within the next six to nine months to do it”.

Sophisticated, but expensive

The Huawei ascend Mate is X, in February, was presented just before the Mobile World Congress in 2019. With an 8-inch screen, that is, to the outer surface of the device collapses, four cameras, and 5G, it is also one of the most futuristic and advanced smartphone, which is currently being officially announced. It is also one of the most expensive. The Huawei ascend Mate in X need to be at the launch of the €2299 is going to cost you. Or is the Degree of X to the the united kingdom, it is not yet known.

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