Huawei will continue to work with the Android the 10, and that’s what the first version looks like


Huawei blijft werken aan Android 10 en zo ziet de eerste versie eruit

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The news

The cooperation between Huawei and Google-may be on the rocks, and the Chinese manufacturer is working in the background, out of Android and 10.0 ( ● ). Here is the first version of the operating system will look like.

‘Huawei is working on Android-10’

Google, the Us government will no longer cooperate with Huawei. It’s too bad, because this helps to keep the devices from the Chinese manufacturer is stuck on their current version of Android. This fall brings the Google Android os 10.0, (Q), and, as it stands now, this update is on the front of Huawei mobile phones with over.

However, the smartphonemaker courage is not given, and working it with her own version of Android for Q There is in fact an early version of EMUI 10, the Smartphone’s own operating system, which is based on Android, it is in the hands of XDA Developers has come up. The test version is running on a Huawei, P30, Pro, and at first glance not a lot has changed.

Huawei Android 10 EMUI 10

The camera app looks just a little different, and the privacy options provided by Android-the Q, are, of course, be present. So, you can now specify if apps in your site, or just a one-time use. It is expected that EMUI 10, however, is a much faster and more stable than the Android Pie.

According to XDA Developers, the first version was fairly stable and had few bugs against it. It is, however, that this is an extremely early version, which is definitely not yet ready for the public at large. Therefore, it is not possible to make EMUI 10 for yourself on your Huawei smartphone.

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Huawei ascend-Android

In the situation of Huawei, and Google has a complicated and uncertain. The Chinese company has confirmed that the security fixes are released for the smartphone continue to pop up, even though she was a bit later, at least you’re used to. In the current situation, it may be, however, no updates expected, so it is the current version of Android is stuck.

It is important to focus on at this moment, there are no Huawei smartphone have to buy it, unless you really have no updates to give. Take a look at our list of Smartphone alternatives for products that we do recommend. Want to know more? Please refer to the frequently asked questions about the Huawei issues.

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