These accessories can take your gaming on your smart phone to a higher level


Met deze accessoires til je gamen op je smartphone naar een hoger niveau

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Just by using your smartphone in order to be able to play games, but to get the most out of your favorite games to get you more than that. This is the essential game accessories, and more.

Essential game accessories

Using the touch screen of your smartphone, most of the games are easy to control. So, you do not need to. However, there are a lot of options on the market that can help you take the next step. For example, to make the games a lot more fun to drive, and a new dimension to the games to add, or to continue to go on.

Android game controllers

The first step is, of course, and a game controller. Even though a lot of the games are on a touch-screen control, physical buttons are often the best. For example, think of first-person shooters, where a controller is much smoother at the same time, you can walk, aim and shoot.

The Game on a different system? It is possible to use the controller for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to use with your Android device. There are also controllers available that are specially made for Android games for you to play with. For example, the controller 8BitDo, which was inspired by the video game consoles of the past. In addition, you can be the controller of the Nvidia Shield, the Razer Raiju Mobile, the Xiaomi Mi Game Controller.

2017 nvidia shield

Smart phone holder

You can play it with a controller, then you need to have your smartphone anywhere on the table. There is no hands-free. A convenient solution is to use a holder that attaches to the controller. If you can get any place in video games. Be careful that you get a holder to purchase one that works with your controller and your smart phone. You will, of course, all of that is as sturdy as possible, so that your phone will not fall to the ground during a thrilling gaming session.

Instead of a container, you also have to have a mode where you and your smartphone are on the move. It is a mobile phone in this way, it can’t attack, and it also doesn’t move during the game. After that, you have a flat surface, like a table.


Instead of an entire controller of a potential holder, it is also possible to have individual buttons that you can buy. It’s a lot more convenient, and love to play games on your smartphone mobile. For the money, there are, for example, AliExpress is already triggerknoppen the smartphone market, which has a press of a button to translate it to a touch on the screen.

These buttons are available in a variety of shapes and prices. Look at the testimonials before you decide on a purchase.

Vr goggles

If you want something other than playing games on a flat screen to play it? You can get a vr-glasses have to be purchased. In particular, if you have a modern Samsung smartphone, the Gear VR is a must. With the Gear VR, you’ll get a whole store full of experience, and the games are presented where, for now, you busy you are. It is here that you will also have a lot of free of charge apps for you. If you have a cheap pair of glasses for a different brand of smartphone to purchase, you can have a lot of nice things to do. You will have a lot less options.

android game accessoires

Pair of headphones

Whether you use a plain games, vr games, to play to the best of it and enjoy all the sounds are easy to hear. Since you are a smartphone-games, mostly, publicly, play, could, or even a good pair of headphones is recommended. Well, the sound will be an additional charge for the experience, but also often in the game. What if you’re the opponent, for example, can hear it run?

There is just any wireless headset. Or maybe you have a smart phone with a standard headphone jack?

The card

For all the games you have, of course, but disk space is required. Instead, each of the games to throw away you want to play, you can get a card to buy it (if you have a smartphone that supports it). In this way, you can build an entire gamebibliotheek and you’ll never have to worry about that, you don’t have anything to play for. For each and every mood of the game. Most of the smart phones support the at least one memory card of 128GB, but even more so. It is better to have a slightly larger model has a choice: it’s usually not a lot more expensive to buy, and then you’ll have a lot more space in the future.

→ To order a memory card with or Belsimpel

android game accessoires


With the most awesome games, and these accessories will come to you, of course, is not far away and if you have a battery, so it is empty. Please make sure that definitely is not a solid powerbank with it to take if you are planning for a long time to play. Most of the smartphones have a battery capacity of 3000 to 4000 mAh. You choose, for example, for a powerbank of 10,000 mAh or more, then you can get your smart phone, there are at least two more times completely charging the battery.

→ Check powerbanks at Coolblue, or Gold

This will allow you to play

Now that you’ve got all the best accessories and collected, and then, of course, there gegamed to be. Check out this look at our list of the fifty best Android games of all time. In addition, every month five of the new great game. Check out the best games of may, but once more, and subscribe to our news letter for every month of five new gametips to get it.