These Android smart phones had a security update – week 24


Deze Android-smartphones kregen een (beveiligings)update – week 24

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The news

Every week we will put all the Android updates on the popular smartphones to have a list in front of you. Also this week, we’ll return to you with a list of the updates.

The Android update schedule of the week 24

Android on the Planet, we pay regular attention to the updates that these devices are able to receive it. Many of the new Android versions where phones are, for example, can be upgraded to Android 9.0 (Pie) or Android 10.0. To do this, we are also in the Android-9.0-update-summary-and Android, 10.0, update-list, where you can see exactly if and when your phone receive an update.

But the manufacturers also have the year updates, which are often just as important. There is no new major features will contain, you’ll stay protected against all of the (critical) security vulnerabilities on a monthly basis may appear. Every week the Android Planet, and a list of updates for the last seven days. It’s going to be updates to that in the uk, are being rolled out, though it may sometimes happen that one of the service provider before the turn is over the other. Sometimes you have a week to wait.


Even though the dark clouds are samenpakken the top of the update policy from the Smartphone, the manufacturer is still growing steadily, with the roll-out of new software. Exhibit A: the new P, Smart, and P20, Lite, from the previous year, as of this week, the Android Pie.

  • Huawei, P30, Pro – security may-2019
  • Huawei ascend P is a Smart Android 9.0 (Pie) update
  • Huawei P20 Lite for Android 9.0 (Pie) update


OnePlus packaging updates will always be in a new version of OxygenOS. Sometimes it is as extra. As for the OnePlus to 7, that is, not only, a security will receive, but also to a number of improvements in front of the camera. That is, since last week, is already available for the 7 Pro.

  • OnePlus, a 7 – OxygenOS 9.5.5 security update may-2019
  • OnePlus is a 5 – OxygenOS 9.0.6 with a security update, may-2019
  • OnePlus 5T OxygenOS 9.0.6 with a security update, may-2019

Sony Xperia XZ2 Android Pie-update


On the Sony, and Nokia, we can be brief: the two companies will continue to steadily roll out to almost all of their smartphones and tablets. Whether you have an expensive, top-class device, or a more affordable entry-level model, the updates of this week, underlining once again .

  • Sony ericsson XZ3 – update-June 2019
  • Sony XZ2 – update-June 2019
  • Sony XZ2 Compact – update-June 2019
  • Sony XZ2 Premium – update-June 2019


  • Nokia is a 2.2 update in June 2019 at the latest
  • Nokia-3.2 – update-June 2019
  • Nokia-4.2 – update-June 2019
  • Nokia-5 – update-June 2019

So, check out the Android software updates on your smart phone as the first one

If your device is not in the list? Don’t worry, because some of the manufacturers are bringing updates until a later time. And even if your phone is on the list, sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting. In most cases it takes a few days for an update to all copies of a smartphone in reach. Press and hold the Android’s Planet watch for the following list of security updates, or check out our reviews with an (expected) Android 9.0 update and the Android 10.0 with updates.

Each week, you will find an overview of all smart phones that have a (security)update is received. Stay up to date! Please follow the Android Planet on Instagram, or you can download from the Android Planet app. You won’t miss an update to this list? Please let us know in the comments below!