These Xiaomi phones will be the first Android Q update


Deze Xiaomi-smartphones krijgen als eerste een Android Q-update

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The news

The Xiaomi Mi 9 and a variety of other devices, the Chinese manufacturer may be given before the end of the year, an update for Android and 10.0 ( ● ).

Xiaomi’s Android Q update

Although the final version of Android os, the Q will probably only be in August and will be released by Google, to create the manufacturers are ready to roll out to other devices. Also, Xiaomi has a list of released devices that are in the update, as can be expected.

First of all, are the flagships of this year’s on the turn. The Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 9, the SE and the Mi 9T in the fourth quarter of 2019 as of an update provided. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Mi 8 The Explorer’s Edition and receive the quarter one update. Finally, the Redmi K20, Pro, Mi a Mix of 2S and the Mi Mixture, the 3 updated. In the beginning of 2020, following is an update on the cheaper Redmi Note and 7.

Xiaomi Android Q-updates

Please note that this list is taken from Xiaomi’s China forum, and it is, therefore, primarily aimed at that market. It is very likely that the European versions of the smartphone will also have a quick update that may be expected, although that may be a little later than in China. The chances are that some of the above updates by the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 until the Netherlands are out. In addition, the list is not exhaustive: with smartphones like the Mi A2, be received, probably at the same time, also in a future update.

This is new to MIUI and Android Q

Xiaomi is providing the smartphone with this update, you will not only be on Android, “Q”, but also that of SEVERAL 11. This is the latest version of Android, the interface is provided by the manufacturer. The company believes that the system-wide night mode for Android Q are also subject of SEVERAL. Also, the performance and the battery life can be optimized.

With Android, 10.0 tackles with Google, especially, for privacy and security. It will be easier for you to find out where your apps will all have access to it, and with more options to improve the protection of your privacy at all times, to adapt to it. There are a number of other enhancements, a new gesture-control support for the collapsible screens.

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