Android news, #24: Google’s Pixel is 4 of the leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 is a very popular


Android nieuws #24: Google Pixel 4 gelekt en Samsung Galaxy S10 is populair

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Android on the Planet, you’ll read seven days a week, and all the best Android news, but it can be done that the past few days, all of these developments does not have to be able to follow it. That is why we bring to you each and every Saturday, a weekly overview of the most important Android news.

Google confirms that this is a Pixel-for-Pixel for 4 with dual camera

Google Pixel 4 officieel

Usually do smartphonefabrikanten all they can to ensure that their new equipment early in the streets are, but we’re choosing to take a different approach. The zoekmachinegigant on Twitter, and confirmed what the Pixel is, the 4 will look like. In terms of specifications, invade, we are still in the dark, but the design is no more secrets. Ok, these are not official photos, but it is still remarkable that, for a manufacturer to so openly show what one unit looks like. Especially for the more than one camera on the back, covered up because of the previous Google devices, only a single sensor was. However, the Pixel 3 and in the 3 XL is a dual-front-facing camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is very popular in the Netherlands, but the price continues to drop

beste smartphone-camera poll

The Samsung Galaxy S10 are in a period of three months, 100,000 copies were sold in the Netherlands, the manufacturer is well-known. The device is lowered, nevertheless, faster price than any of his predecessors. It’s going to take the combined sales of the Samsung S10, S10 Plus, S10e, since its release in march. Thus, if the new Samsung smartphone, 31 percent better than its predecessor, the samsung Galaxy S9. 100,000 handsets sold was the samsung S10 in the past few months, one of the most popular smartphones in the Netherlands. At least 50 per cent of the buyers opted for the black version, which is the most popular model.

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Huawei will place advertisements on lockscreens: if you are in the back of

Smartphone users this week with their smartphone and trying to ontgrendelden, were all at once a in to the picture. On the list of a lot of Huawei phones is turn into a logo of the well-known vakantiesite. The ad seems to pop up in europe by different Smartphone models, including the P30, Pro, P30, P20 Pro, P20, and P20 Lite. Also, different phones from the Huawei sub-brand Development, including the Development Of 10 Lite is the ad itself. The manufacturer has no explanation for the onset of ad, but it says, ” to examine the situation’.

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HTC with U19e and a Desire To 19, Plus new smartphones from

HTC U19e officieel

At & t has, this year, only a few of the smartphone will be released with the Desire, 12s. That is unremarkable budgettoestel had, moreover, to have moderate specs. As a follow-up to the HTC one U12-Plus, the latest flagship from the manufacturer, it allows for almost a full year now. The brand new HTC U19e, however, seems to be more of a stepping stone to a new high-end model. The U19e is composed of a 6-inch oled-display with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels. This is a little downgrade compared to that of the U12-Plus, which has a QHD display of 2880 by 1440 pixels, offers. The new device also boasts a Snapdragon 710-a-chip, which is commonly used in the mid-range smartphones like the Nokia’s 8.1 and Yes, Reno, nevada.

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Panasonic announces rugged Galaxy XCover 4s to 259 euro

samsung galaxy xcover 4s

The samsung Galaxy XCover 4s is the successor of the samsung galaxy XCover 4, 2017. The device is equipped with grotens of the same design, but it is to be happy, just be strong. The phone is distinguished by its robust housing, the IP68-certified dust-and waterproof, and meets United States Military Standard. Therefore, to survive in the smartphone-heavy attack, and in extreme conditions. The Samsung Galaxy s Smartphone 4s is a so-called ‘toughphone’, is a device for builders, handymen and those with an active lifestyle. Who desire a little less on the latest hardware, but will need a unit that can withstand hard wear.

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