Column: let’s Be more and more like Keanu Reeves


Column: Wees meer zoals Keanu Reeves

Erwin Vogelaar


At 10:33 pm
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Keanu Reeves would never forget it, because they’re not exactly in the way of their hobby experience. Be more and more like Keanu Reeves.

Be more and more like Keanu Reeves

Last week was E3, is an annual celebration to each gamer. The big game companies to announce their new games at the silly presentations. Although a growing number of companies in the e-3, skip it and make their games through livestreams to announce, it continues to be a major event. For smartphonegamers.

I am also, for once, to Los Angeles, it was going to be there for the press conferences to see the games and gamemakers in an interview. At this time, among others, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, and Steven Spielberg, out of the stable just in front of me.

This time it was Keanu Reeves, who is in the hearts and minds of attendees and viewers at home took the lead. Then, he said, is that the world is a game in which he plays the (Cyberpunk 2077) breathtaking, it is called a man in the audience that Keanu itself is breathtaking, it is. As mentioned, the actor is a happy head, all of us, breathtaking. What a man is.

keanu reeves


For gamers, home, Twitter is the place to find the E3 to be discussed. Each of the gaming tweeter has an opinion on everything, but everyone has been very happy with Keanu Reeves. In a tweet, which is just between the enthusiasm and a lot of have seen, is from the Twitch-streamers of Dr Disrespect. He said: “Smartphonegamers are not real gamers’, and clicked ‘tweet’. Results: fifteen thousand retweets and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Dr Disrespect lives up to its name. He has been on the e-3, and the Twitch was exiled when he was a live stream made from a public toilet, where people (including children) were shot there as this need to do. A very foolish action, which I hope no one will imitate it. But if you believe about it smartphonegamers for sure, he is not the only one.

keanu reeves

That is, gatekeeping is mentioned. The idea is that you won’t be under very specific circumstances, want to hear it. You can only play smartphonegames? Or just Nintendo’s? Or is it on easy? If you are, according to many, not a big gamer. Do you not have that specific game or every episode of Star Trek, by any chance? If you’re not a real nerd. And so on.


I don’t know how it is nowadays in schools, but it used to be that the geeks are clearly in the minority, and it is in no way unique. We found each other, our interests, such as games, nerdy, series, movies, and more. In the meantime, we are living in a world that is nerdcultuur the order is in. It Was the reading of the superheldenstrips in the past, the boys and girls who have been locked out, The Avengers is now one of the greatest films ever made.

When I was in school were the movies that most of the income, titles like Indiana Jones, Terminator, and die Hard (or the animated films of Disney). In the meantime, we have Avengers, Captain America, and more. As possible says something about how Disney is all over, but that’s nerdcultuur (at least in the entertainmentindrustrie) and the new one is cool.

Were it not for the fans, mainly the games tend to be there for others to join. How do you think the better of it, as the others, as you are not allowed to do that?

Keanu Reeves found out that everyone in The Matrix is fully inclusive, so he gave the money to the people who made the special effects in them, so that they have piece by piece, to become a millionaire was. When his flight ended, he made sure that all the passengers from the transport had to be their final location. It feels almost unfair that such a pure, kind and gentle man, under an industry where people are constantly being left out. Hopefully, Keanu Reeves, to teach us to be a little more like Keanu Reeves, too.

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