“Don’t forget, you can often respond to text messages? Google is going to help you’


‘Vergeet je vaak te reageren op sms’jes? Google gaat je helpen’

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


13:58 pm
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The news

Remember, you often have to respond to text messages from family and friends? Google is going to help you out. Also, the sms contact with the companies will be safer.

Google’s sms reminders in the future

You probably know someone who is always late responding to text messages, or for only a few days later, you will hear it. Or maybe you are that person, though. The good news is that with Google you are going to try to help you with text reminders.

It works, simple as that. If you will be able to have a message to get you in addition to a direct response to the text message if the read flag is also a reminder to be set. The following message appears after an hour again in your notification bar, you don’t have the time to do so.

Google Berichten sms-herinneringen

The feature is not yet available for everyone, but it’s buried in a test version of Google’s Messaging app. The discovery was made by the XDA Developers, who have the chance to new memories, found.

It is not clear if the new timer from within the Messages app itself, or from the notification as shown in the above screen shot. It is a pity that it is not possible to change the length of the memory to match. A “delayed” sms ” messages, so after an hour or so back.

Safer, in contact with the companies

Also, Google the phone numbers of the companies to check out on authenticity (coa). Because of this, you will see a received message, or the phone number of the company’s right. Google may be the content of the message has not been read and therefore do not know at what time is the pizza delivery service or a parcel delivery company is to be, it’s that the company is legitimate.

The Google test is always new features and capabilities for its applications. It is, therefore, the question as to whether and when these features roll out. However, it is clear that the company in recent weeks to be very productive in terms of app updates. One way was to include the Google Chrome and the Google Assistant will have a dark mode as well.

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