Prices for the BMW 3-Series Touring is already well-known


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June 15, 2019 at the latest

Ellen Kole

This week was unveiled, the new generation of the BMW 3-Series Touring can already be ordered in advance. Prices start at 50.742 of the euro. The first deliveries at the end of september. Later, more variants.

There was this one week in the news section: the BMW, the sixth generation of the 3 Series Touring is unveiled. With this experience, his publiekspremière at the end of June, in Munich, in his first show at the beginning of september, at the IAA trade fair in Frankfurt, germany, on the 28th of september, in the Netherlands the dealers in the showrooms, too. Now, if you book a BMW, the prices have already been released.

Starting from 50.742 million for the 320iA-benzineversie (with an ‘A’ for automatic transmission). BMW provides this vehicle with a 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque until around november, it is temporary, however, for the same price as the 330iA Introduction is available, which is 258 hp) and 400 Nm to produce.

The showroomintroductie, there are two different dieselversies available. The prices for the 320d will start to 52.555 of the euro. At a Later date (expected to be in november), there are several models, including the 318d Touring (with a four-cylinder engine with 150 hp and 320 Nm), and the performancevariant M340i xDrive Touring (374 hp), 500 Nm (). In the summer of 2020, is a plug-in hybrid version will be available.

BMW states that the available onderstelopties range. As with the sedan, the Touring, with a wide range of rijassistentie and security systems available to you. It also allows the displays to be replaced by the optional BMW Live-Cockpit-Pro.

Prices for the BMW 3-Series Touring by 2020

320iA The 2.0 four-cylinder engine The 184 hp / 300 Nm 50.742 eur
330iA Introduction The 2.0 four-cylinder engine 258 hp / 400 Nm 50.742 eur
330iA xDrive The 2.0 four-cylinder engine 258 hp / 400 Nm 58.166 eur
320d The 2.0 four-cylinder engine 190 hp / 400 Nm 52.555 eur
320dA The 2.0 four-cylinder engine 190 hp / 400 Nm 53.976 eur
320dA xDrive The 2.0 four-cylinder engine 190 hp / 400 Nm 57.833 eur
330dA xDrive The 3.0 six-cylinder engine 265-hp / 580 Nm 69.952 eur