Become the best wizard with these 6 tips for Harry Potter: the Wizards Unite


Word de beste tovenaar met deze 6 tips voor Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we hope you can join one of the most popular Android games of the year. With these 6 tips, you will become the best magician, and level you up quickly.

To the best of the Harry Potter series, Wizards Unite-tips & tricks

Harry Potter: the Wizards Unite is a mission in the Netherlands. The game has been made by the same people behind the Pokémon and GO to the game in a couple of years ago, a lot of streets on it. When we go out, but when you enter the world of magic, Hogwarts, and the dreuzels in lieu thereof. With these six tips, you will become the best magician.

1. Create your own wizard

Appearance is very important, even for a wizard. Before you start looking for Gevondelingen, you need to look good. If you are in the game, you simply tap the bottom left corner of the wizard, and you have a profile picture, you can make it. Also, do a in a fit of rage and give in to what the School-house, and you hear it.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite tips (1)

2. To do it right instead of fast

In the Pokémon GO and you were on the lookout for new Pokémon, but in Harry Potter, are you going to find Gevondelingen, or Foundables’. They appear randomly, and you can tell they’re on the large icons on the map. However, there are also the so-called Troebelaars, you have to defeat with magic spells.

If you have to be strong at a time, if you get XP, or experience points. However, you can’t have unlimited spells to perform. Therefore, it is better to cast the spell is good and just to do so, as soon as possible. I would definitely recommend that you do not have all the time in the world, but you need to ensure that you have the pattern on the screen as closely as possible, follow these steps. That way, you waste less of the magic, and you’ll get a lot more points, which is faster, a better magician, that is.

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3. Why do you have odd jobs to do

No one likes chores, but they will come in handy in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Just tap the kalenderknop the bottom right to see what is out there today, and you’ll find in the spring. Through your day to day tasks will earn you easy XP, and will level you up faster, all the way to the top of tovenaarscarrière.

There are four main types of orders in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This one may seem tedious and unnecessary, but they can help you to accelerate your leveling and better potions to get it. The daily tasks are fairly easy, but not as much as on it.

In addition, there are special assignments, performances, and secret contracts that have been specially designed by the Department and released. These tasks will contribute to an increasing degree, and experience in, but it is, of course, more difficult. It is also a good way to make money.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite tips (3)

4. Go to the light

See you at the walk, suddenly, a ray of light on the map? This Gevondelingen with a high degree of risk, but one that is at least as big a reward. To register, fill you as much as possible, this is kind of a rare Gevondelingen to find.

In addition, it allows you to practice with the carry out of the spell before you used to be a Fortress property. It is recognized by all the castles on the map, and is filled with magical creatures and witches. It is advisable to use, what potions to take with you before you get to the Fortress to get into because the jobs are demanding.

5. Save battery and mobile data

Harry Potter: the Wizards Unite is a world of its own, and it will require a lot of your iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini. However, although the r-mode, where you can feel the magic of the world on the screen of your ipad, iPhone, or iPad, you can see it is a bit expensive, it is more convenient to you. It also means that your battery is less likely to run out, the game is faster, and these are more smooth to the touch.

To do this, tap the chest at the bottom, and select the gear icon in the upper left. Scroll down to the middle floor, and make sure the switch is in the ‘AR+’ and AR+ during the fight from the stands. If you are here, you can also go directly to the batterijbespaarder turn it on. It does exactly what you think it is.

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Finally, it is also a good idea to make in advance all the files for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, download. You can find this option at the bottom of the settings menu. All of the files to be available offline to make the game faster, and you going to be less likely due to your internet going. The whole package is about 3GB in size.

6. This way, you’ll spreukenergie and money

Spreukenergie is an essential element of the Harry Potter universe. No, you can not have a spell to perform. Therefore, it is important to get as much as possible, spreukenergie in the house. You will find that it is a magical creature, including in the hostels and the head. You will also receive spreukenergie tasks to be completed.

Also, money is very important. You can use gold coins as it happens, faster own drinks, brewing, potions, buy, or maximhum amount of spreukenergie to increase. The money you earn due to day to day tasks, up to level up and a copy of the daily start of the program. You can use the virtual money with real money to buy it.

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