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The first Android smartphone, the narratives collected in...

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The Android Planet is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a year full of great action! More recently, you have a chance to win great prizes with us about your very first Android phone to tell it. We have the best stories to be collected.

The first Android smartphone, the narratives collected in

In 2019, it consists of Android Planet is already ten years old. At the beginning of 2009 have opened the doors to our site, and after that, we will keep you daily informed on the latest news, most popular apps, the best Android-powered smartphones. This is an opportunity to take advantage of our natural love for a good party. Therefore, we are taking the rest of the year, with winacties, funny stories, and be able to look back on the past ten years.

As a special anniversary to celebrate we will, of course, also be happy to talk to you, the readers. We will be in the next few months and are looking for your stories about and experiences with Android in the past few years. Recently, we asked you, the readers, to tell us more about your first-ever Android-powered smartphone. It may just have been there in 2008 and the early adopters with HTC Dream), or if you have recently joined, for example, with the Samsung Galaxy 50. We ask you, therefore, to the best of the stories about your very first Android-powered smartphone.

In the past few weeks we have received hundreds of stories, so thank you for that! All of the competitors had a chance on two of the Google Play Store-gift cards of 50 euros. One of those tickets was a random drawing, and to Mary, to the Lord. The other is at the Beginning of Break-and-enter, which is the best thing. The two winners have already been in contact.

Many had to be almost forced to switch to an Android-powered smartphone, but it had been there for a very good reason for it. During a concert, it was with my N95 8GB out of my pocket when I was crowd surfing. I’m sharing on the phone, met after the concert was over, broke down kicked out,” he wrote to us. “At the Vodafone store, I was in a meeting with the staff member, because I have a “advanced” phone would have. I was able to with my Nokia to get applications to install via infrared. I just got the HTC Magic in my hands. Which is a different phone. Buttons, scrolballetje, touch-screen, a store to buy apps. And I was hooked! It was a revolution, and it is a totally different world.”

But of course there was a lot of fun stories to tell. Some of them we are sharing in this article, but also to all of our readers who have not met thank you for sharing!! You didn’t win? Don’t worry. In the next few months you can go back for more fun contests, be expected on the Android Planet, for that special anniversary, we, of course, quite a celebration.

Rene V.: this is the First smartphone that has the highest phone bill ever,”

“The Samsung Galaxy S was a superb aircraft, far ahead of its time. It was also my very first smart phone with Android, I didn’t know that, so my first bill was the most expensive one, because of all sorts of apps that connect with the mobile network of my provider.”

Wilmer: “samsung Galaxy Spica continued to be (or is not) on my car”

Wilmer: My first Android phone was a Samsung Galaxy Spica, the first Samsung Galaxy s phone that came out. It was during that period of time is really quite a smart phone with a great Android market where thousands of apps are able to download! In the summer of 2010, it is Spica who laid down their lives. I had to leave the car in the South of France, and that is how I rolled. I am still in the hope that it will be found. Since then, many other Android devices, worn-out, however, the Spica will remain a special experience, with its distinctive red accents, and a plurality of buttons to the front.”

Jorre: HTC Touch HD

Jorre, M.: HTC Touch HD! It was really weird to see the good, but also a nice phone. As soon as the first versions of Android were available, they were gepoort-to-the-Touch high-definition. I was sold, and it led me to think that the smartphone geek that I am today. The time during which the flashing of a ROM, it was great to have a cup of coffee to catch and I miss you.”

Colin B. in: Motorola Milestone, it is still impact

Motorola Droid! Smart phones were still not a lot, apart from the all kinds of PDA’s running Windows Mobile, and I have had an iPhone 3Gs, an 8GB memory card bought. The device has been gejailbreaked, and a new world was opened up for me. Little bit of everything, try it, customize it, download apps, what’s one more. But after a couple of days, I was all the way over to the 8GB, far too few, for which I had ‘all’ my music show? the iPhone is sold in, because of course I went for the 16GB model.”

“That, however, was never to be, because of the beautiful Motorola Milestone, it was also on sale in the new year! Have a HTC Dream and, therefore, whether its kind, but it is my first experience with Android was the Droid. I even have an e-mail address will be created, which I still use to keep my contacts in sync, as well as my calendar. The Motorola Droid was a symbol, an icon, and that will certainly last forever. Hello, Moto!”

A: Applications for Brick held the years of

A, at H.: “I was 12 and went to high school, and it was Confirmed (as a christian, as I am, is not my first phone, a Samsung Galaxy S Advance, aka the samsung Galaxy Over. Did you see him fall? It went to the floor, unable to destroy the thing. Three years is a long time with a lot of fun using it after I had him second-hand, bought from a co-worker of my father’s. But in 2014, the latest MB, day, and didn’t make it.”

Home page: Android don’t work on my sister

Samsung Galaxy Gio, then as an 11-year-old child, my dear little sister, I was so jealous of it was on her smart phone, and to be able to do the old klaptelefoon had. 😍”

He is: unpopular, Acer Liquid Z520

My first Android phone was an Acer Z520. I know that Android is much less in vogue than at present. If you have Android, it was the worst of a phone. It is from that time, much has changed. This is also my first smartphone that I’ve been damaged. I did it by accident, and, in the first instance, it was as if nothing was wrong. So, I put it back in my pocket, but then you get home and I saw what had happened. There was a huge streak right in my view to go down. Now I have this screen does not allow to make it since he has been further in the doing of good.”

Normal: LG the LG from my employer

My first smartphone was an LG Optimus L9. It came to me in 2015, my boss as a gift because I am after all these years, is still an old-school phone. What they found was that it could not be as a member of the customer service department of a telecom service provider. There’s a whole new world opened up for me: finally, WhatsApp is able to.”

Plays: from Apple to OnePlus

Emil: “Apple, that was it, and it would never change. As an Apple fanboy, I don’t wonder over to that other system, where everyone is so high on form. My first choice for an Android phone was the Samsung S3. Not a good choice as a first introduction, though. The best memory I move on to something else. It was only when I was with the OnePlus devices, and learned to know the love of the Android is really growing. After 2, 3, 3T, 5, 5T, and 6, we are going to soon be all over the OnePlus 7 Pro.”

William F.: Xperia Arc s

“If an 80-year-old Sony was a fan of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc s is my first Android phone. Because Sony is not the only one smartphonemaker, but also a big has been in the entertainment business, I have always ‘felt safe’ with safety and security and provide regular updates. Even though they may not always have the technique to deliver it to the geeks and nerds, it is, for me, is perfect.

“Throughout my working life I have been in the ICT sector there. Like no other, I know how hard it is to have so much technology in one smartphone, to provide, without the users even noticing it. In the nineties, asked for a specialist for me as Would me, as a Nokia-6210-user ever, which I do not have a MOBILE phone and would like to. “A camera would be very nice to have, and it can also be a player,” I answered hesitantly. Now I’m in my car and still use the built-in Nokia 6210, but it is incredibly clever the engineers are all from that period of time have been obtained. So, I’ll stay in touch with their grandchildren.

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