Lock on the Smartphone it is defeated by Intel and other chipmakers


Blokkade op Huawei wordt omzeild door Intel en andere chipmakers

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Intel, Micron, and other American companies to bypass the sanctions imposed by the united states government, and to do all features with the Smartphone. The group claims to be a legitimate diversion to have found it.

Huawei’s lock method. this is why chipmakers in the

A number of Us chipmakers have in recent weeks, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of chips were sold to the Smartphone, reports the New York Times. Even though it is actually the handelsblokkade ignore it, think about it, the businesses have a back door, to be found in the forthcoming situations. Intel, Micron and others have claimed that they are the only crisps to sell outside the united states, and the rules are not broken.

If this alternative position is that it may be good news for consumers. This allows Huawei to have a big production to continue, and the manufacturer can also be in the next few months, new smartphones to introduce and produce.

Huawei-blokkade omzeilen

According to Kevin Wolf, an attorney with the American companies, provides advice, and may be Huawei, because of this new construction is just as chips continue to order it, and receive it from the Us suppliers. The parts are not made in America, and does not pose a threat to the safety and security of the country. Also, the companies do not provide support to Huawei to the use of the equipment. Wolf claims that, compared to the New York Times, that is, as long as it is met, companies are also after the complete prohibition takes effect simply be allowed to continue to do so.

Within the united states government’s views about physicians, as reported in the newspapers. Some might say that this approach is contrary to the rules and regulations. Other government employees, are on the side of Intel, because of Huawei not possible for Korean companies to choose. Among others, SK Hynix and Samsung to produce a similar dilemma. There is a risk that Us companies, sales miss as Huawei opts for a new Korean business partners.

Sanctions against Huawei, explained,

At the end of may, the U.s. government has imposed sanctions against Huawei, which U.s. companies shouldn’t business be allowed to do so by the Chinese company. The government has accused Huawei of spying on behalf of the Chinese government. Current affairs of may until the end of August will be handled, and then it goes to the gate, all the way down. Software makers such as Google and Facebook, but also hardwaremakers as Intel and Qualcomm, should really no longer have a Smartphone.

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That creates huge problems on the phone. Even though the manufacturer is a lot of hardware produced by the other (American) companies are urgently needed for the production of some of the components. Without these partners, Huawei is not a new smartphone production.

Smartphone updates are going to be provisionally due to

In softwaregebied it seems Huawei now (getelijk) plan. The company had earlier this month announced that the game is Q-update that is in development for at least seventeen smartphones and tablets. Since the existing devices, the Huawei ascend them have spent some time with Google, no problems in updating it.

For mobile devices, including the Huawei ascend Mate 30 the autumn of this year, it is expected, it is much more difficult. For every new smartphone or a major Android update should be a manufacturer, namely the re-a license with Google. Without the license, must have a Google apps and the google Play Store and Google Maps on a device is to be placed. If the ban goes into effect, may, Smartphone is not on the table for Google for the new licences, which makes smartphones, not Android, to run as we know it today. Is possible to choose for a Russian alternative to the Android platform.

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