This Oppo smartphone has a camera at the bottom of the screen


Deze Oppo-smartphone heeft een camera onder het scherm zitten

Thomas Haenen


16:10 pm
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The news

Yes, the first-ever smart phone with a camera at the bottom of the screen will be presented. By doing so, you’ll have a borderless screen with a selfiecamera, but without a notch.

Yes, the camera is in screen-smartphone-revealed

The Chinese manufacturer also unveiled the technology at the Mobile World Congress in China. This is the Oppo is the first manufacturer who is ready for a smartphone with a selfiecamera bottom of the screen to present them. The device has a screen, that is, the front side of the frame, with the top half of the image is also a selfiecamera. Instead of one large hole for the camera, the image is just the lens around.

On top of the camera there is a special glass with a minimum of reflection and to become more transparent, allowing the selfiecamera just be useful it remains. The glass of the screen is also used as a camera lens, is used. It is an additional to is that, Yes, the larger selfiecamera’s at the bottom you can stop, than in the past. The manufacturers try to have the notch in the top of the picture is so small, as it can be, but is not required.

Oppo camera in scherm-smartphone

Actually, the glass of a camera lens is not too thick, as that, for out-of-focus photos is available upon request. Yes, you, says, however, several algorithms have been developed to get great selfies to make it. This is how it looks with the camera at your surroundings to set the white balance to constantly re-calibrate it, and HDR is used to allow for higher contrast to make this possible. Finally, it promises to be Yes, an algorithm, which is specifically aimed at reducing the incidence of blur.

Oppo’s first lensloze’ smartphone will not be released until later

Unfortunately, it will still take some time before you will actually be using the technology to work for you. Yes, you showed you today is a prototype, but it has yet to have any device announcements for the technology that will soon be available in the shops. This lasts for probably not very long.

The company presented in February of this year, a prototype for a periscopische zoom lens, and introduced in april, Yes, Reno has 10x the technology. Presumably, we’ll find it selfiecamera bottom of the screen, and within a few months, and in an Oppo phone.

Otherwise, Yes, you are not the only manufacturer using this technology is in progress. Xiaomi revealed earlier this month, some of the sketches of a smart phone with the selfiecamera bottom of the screen. Samsung would also work, although there is as yet no evidence to support it. For the samsung Galaxy S10 has it that the company will have a completely different approach: this is a device that has it at the top right of the screen with a small hole where the selfiecamera to fit.

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