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With the holidays ahead of us, the quest to find a nice hotel with plenty of started. With this apps, you can be sure that you have the best room for the best possible price.


For many experienced travelers, it is almost a reflex action in order for the search to begin at the Booking.com. Not only is the website a household name, and the app will work at least as well. With more than 1.5 million of the accommodations we offer. The app has a cleaner and less obtrusive than that of the site, and it offers a lot of features that you get with the offer of rooms can be filtered.

It also has Booking.com very good offers, which you’re not. If you have a credit card added, it can be with just a few clicks to book a hotel room. You pay is often in arrears, at the front desk of the hotel.

→ Download the Booking.com in the google Play Store (free of charge)

To whom is the offer of the Booking.com can be a little overwhelming to find, offers HotelTonight is a good option. The app will filter the options by default, what’s more it gives on the basis of the relevant results. The whole thing is, therefore, a lot calmer and easier to navigate.


Those who would like to have a trip in advance, plan it and have everything organized in one place, it is Clear is a great app. Originally, it was out of the Kayak only as a comparator of flight tickets. In the meantime, it is also possible to the hotels (and rental cars) to look for. You can use the app, therefore, you have all the travel arrangements and plan. In spite of the wide range of features, the app is clearly arranged and offers many useful tools on the go. For example, it is useful tips for you at the airport, where you will be able to the of your travel documents offline and save it so you always have them on hand. Very nice to have the option to set the price of a hotel is to keep an eye on it and allow it to happen at a time when there was a deal.

→ Download, Download out of the Kayak in the google Play Store (free of charge)

Alternatively, Skyscanner is a good app, that also started out as a great site to get cheap airline tickets is to be found. However, just as the variety of sports they have on their horizon, and it is now possible to set the app to immediately look for hotel deals and will be so for the rest of your vacation.


No hotel rooms, houses, apartments, and hotel rooms from the locals for next to nothing, temporarily available for rent. At least, that used to be the philosophy behind Airbnb. In the meantime, there are a lot of professional companies in the high yield market jumped, with a little bit of search for apartments with the professional, hotelstandaard – and their prices – you can book through Airbnb.

The app makes it easy for you to find a date, you can use a variety of filters to the search to refine it, and if you want to, you can click on a card to see where the apartments are, about to sit. Of course, you need to stay a while to adapt to the owner of the house. Typically, you send a number of messages in the app, this way and that. In addition, you can also browse to the ‘user reviews’, in the town or city where you live. Just think of the fun trips, dinners and workshops.

→ Download the AirBnb in the google Play Store (free of charge)

For those lovers of the outdoors, traveling, and like to ensure the real involvement of the people at home are sleeping, the app is Couchsurfing a good option for you. This app gives you access to a global network of couchsurfers, so you can quickly connect with someone in the house to spend the night.

Google Maps

Standard features on almost any Android phone and also have become more and more common for this sort of to-do lists to be found. Whether it’s going to be the way, the car park, searching, speed control notice, or of a hotel booking, you can do it with Google Maps. A search of the city on the “hotel”, and it’s easy to see where the hotels are in the area, and how much they cost per night.

Google is checking the prices on various hotel comparison sites, so you will have a chance to be a great, low price. You can use the app with photos and reviews to view and right click to make a reservation. It is not likely to be one of the most complete among the hotel-based apps, but as you’re probably already familiar with the use of Google Maps, it provides a good starting point.

→ Download Google Maps in your Play Store (free of charge)

You have to have a hotel-all the apps that are essential on the vacation. Or a little trick to make using your smartphone will always have the lowest prices for a hotel room? they are described below in the comments section!

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