Android to Planet and celebrate: grab your Android, on the holidays, and win!!!

Android-Planet to celebrate...

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Send us a holiday picture of you, and you have an Android smartphone, then you have a chance to win a Nest thermostat or a smart city). Join us for our jubileumprijsvraag and win!!!

Android-Planet to celebrate

In 2019, it consists of Android Planet for ten years. At the beginning of 2009 have opened the doors to our site, and since then, we’ll keep you daily informed on the latest news, most popular apps, the best Android-powered smartphones. This is an opportunity to take advantage of our natural love for a good party. Therefore, we are taking the rest of the year, with winacties, funny stories, and be able to look back on the past ten years.

As a special anniversary to celebrate we will, of course, also be happy to talk to you, the readers. We will be in the next few months, looking for the best stories, the most beautiful experience and the most awesome picture of the Android. That is, entries to collect, we are each and every month, and it was the best and it is best to have a chance to win great prizes.

You could Win a smart Nest thermostat or a door bell!

This month, we look forward to your vacation plans. Send us a photo of you with your Android-powered smartphone is on your holiday address. Where in the world is your Android device? Maybe you can skydive with your Phone, to Following up with you, LG, or Alcatel in the backyard. It doesn’t matter where you are in the picture, but a picture of you and your smartphone are on vacation.

→ Do right now, and send us your holiday snaps using this form!

There is, however, another side to it. The best of the best, funniest or most beautiful picture will win a smart-Nest-thermostat E, to a value of almost $ 200. That works with the central heating boiler, and allows your thermostat to a remote control. If you want your office to leave the heating on permanent power on, so it’s nice and warm when you get home? You can do that, easily, with the Nest app on your smartphone.

In addition, a random drawing, among all of the participants have a Nest-Hello-video doorbell. To call someone to get you on your phone leave a message that someone is at the door. Turns out it’s an annoying neighbor, rather than, you know, without that, you don’t have to open. Everyone who takes part has a chance to ring the door bell easy to win them.

Get involved by using this form, up to and including Wednesday, July 17! If you are not to take the picture by filling in the form on the internet, you can also e-mail to the editorial [email protected]. If you have any questions, you can post them below in the comments. Good luck!

Do you want to in the next few months of our anniversary year to attend? Feel free to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget our free of charge Android Planet app, which allows you to remain up to date with the latest news.

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