Audi makes the Q7 more of an SUV


The introduction of mild-hybrid technology

The 27th of June, 2019 at the latest

Bob Kroese

The design of the Audi Q7 is a little too good? In the Audi, they found, apparently, to do that. A vernieuwingsronde with a fresh line-up of parts provides a solution.

The Audi brings to the external appearance of the Q7, in line with the most recent, the Q-model. A distinctive hexagonal front grille, six bars, a larger air inlet, and enabled the door will be the best SUV from the brand, more of an off-road look to it. Notable are the new headlights, which are optional features of the laser technology, and the new tail lights with a chroomstrip to be connected to it.

In the interior, runs to the ongoing digitization. Two large screens dominate the now in the center and, of course, there’s the instrument panel, only with pixels. The new features are available in the form of a voice assistant, Alexa, and Cruise Assist, which enables semi-autonomous driving is possible.

Audi provides all of the engines are of mild-hybrid technology, for the time being, only diesel. A diesel version and as a plug-in hybrid will be added to the range. The four-wheel steering has been optimized and the need for more stability in the turns, sure. Optional supplies to Audi’s updated Q7 with the active rolstabilisatie that environment will be actively resisted by an air spring.

The updated Q7 is coming in september in germany.