Google Maps shows you will be able to know how the public transport system is


Google Maps laat je voortaan weten hoe druk het openbaar vervoer is

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Google continues to Maps, but to extend it with new features. As of today, it is possible to see how the public transport network. For now it works only in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven, the netherlands.

Google Maps shows the hustle in public transport, see

During the off-peak travel is by public transport very pleasant. There is plenty of seating, and you can take your time and read a good book or out the window, staring out, and doesn’t need to be stressing about the transfer times. At the peak point, however, is 180 degrees. It is built in, the likelihood of a delay is large, quiet, travel is not an option.

Google Maps is going to make you prepare, and show you how to catch the bus, subway, or train. If you are in a hurry, there is no other way than to get yourself into a group of people come in, but there will be less need for the man, is it a good idea to grab. It’s very simple:

  1. You can Download the latest version of Google Maps, just open the app and plan your journey by public transport, as you are used to.
  2. Check out the route, and then tap on the the bus, subway or train to get to the links to look at
  3. You should see what the average is.

google maps drukte openbaar vervoer

The number of the colored people to read the crowds are down. In the best case, Google will show that there is usually plenty of seating area’s. When all five of the people are gray, there is no other option than to stand up.

For now it works with the ‘stress-indicator’ only in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven, the netherlands. We did have some time that this player was coming down the line. In the last few months and asked Google users to how busy it is in the public.

→ Download, Google-Maps-in-Google-Play ” (free of charge)

To get the most out of Google Maps

In the past few months, Google one-by-one interesting feature of the navigation. As of late, Google Maps and the speed limit while driving to see it and you will be warned of safety cameras. Also, Google Maps will take into account the time of arrival, so that you know exactly what you need.

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