If you type YouTube in your fingers, and you’ll get a better videoaanbevelingen


Zo tik je YouTube op de vingers en krijg je betere videoaanbevelingen

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


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True, there is nothing on the videoaanbevelingen on YouTube? Thanks to a recent update, it is easy to decide that you are not interested in the number of channels, so that the video app will make better suggestions to do. Also, you get you will be able to see how YouTube will have a specific recommendation.

YouTube-make recommendations to improve: here’s how to do that

You’ll know it for sure. After watching a short movie about a unknown topic, think of YouTube and all of a sudden you’re very interested in, and your entire home screen is filled with this kind of videoaanbevelingen. As of today, it is easier for YouTube’s algorithm to be correct. If you remove the non-interesting video from your home screen:

  1. To Update to the latest version of the Tube;
  2. Just Open the app and go to the home screen (if it doesn’t, by default, open);
  3. You will see a rather uninteresting video? Then tap on the three dots next to the video, and select the ‘Not interested’;
  4. Do you want to have the whole channel in your recommendations? Select ” This channel is not to recommend’. In future videos by this author are now on the home screen is displayed.

youtube-aanbevelingen verbeteren

You can get the channel, still, however, face Trending, where it’s popular videos, and the searching. You can, at a later time to subscribe to this channel, if you like will ever change it.

The update to YouTube’s recommendation is to remove the rolls from now on, all Android phones and tablets. Since this is a phased roll-out, it will take a few days for your device to have the software in it.

Why do we have YouTube, this video is recommendations?

Generally, serving up YouTube for interesting videos, but sometimes it is for the algorithm to be very wrong. Have you ever wondered why certain videos in your recommendations, it is left behind? You’re not the only one. Now you can see why YouTube in particular for video suggestions to do.

Below is a featured video that is now the way in which the movie clip on your home screen has come up. In general, it is the videos that are popular among viewers of the channels to which you have subscribed. This feature rolls out in the next few weeks for Android users.

→ Download, YouTube, Google Play (free)

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