New foldable for Samsung smart phone, it is the Degree of X-alternative, which is to appear soon’

A new foldable form factor of the Samsung smartphone is in the works as well...

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Even though, the Samsung Galaxy, the Fold has already several times been delayed, the Korean manufacturer is working hard to make a second folding unit. That you may see before the end of this summer, the Huawei ascend Mate X to be better.

A new foldable form factor of the Samsung smartphone is in the works as well

Samsung is working on a second, a folding smartphone with the display on the outer surface of the main unit, as reported in the usually reliable Korea Herald. The manufacturer would therefore be the design of the Huawei ascend Mate is X, but looking forward to a Chinese rival to get it. According to the source, the new Samsung smartphone is already in production with a scheduled release in a few weeks. The Degree of X is expected to be in september, which is a Samsung a little over two months, in order to Ascend to the beat.

The first foldable smartphone from Samsung, the samsung Galaxy Fold, the screen is on the inside. On the front cover is a small cover it with screen, but for the main image, you will need the device first back. Thus it is that the screen is better protected from scratches in your pocket, but it is also about what is hidden. To the Extent that X, in which the screen is on the outside, and received by, the other design is a lot more rave reviews.

Samsung itself has so far not commented on the rumor. When the device is officially unveiled, it is still not known. May be we can hear at the beginning of August, more, that, when the manufacturer is likely to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is presented. The unveiling of this smartphone, it is, according to the sources, on the 7th of August.

Galaxy Fold, the release date is unknown

It emerged this week it is also rumored that Samsung is working on a compact smartphone with a larger 8-inch screen, will also come with S-Pen stylus support. It is still unclear whether or not this is the same model, or some other variant. Samsung has already shown at least two different folding of smartphones in the developing have to have

Its status as Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is still in the dark. The samsung Galaxy Fold, it was originally at the beginning of may in the Netherlands, but those plans were put on in the last minute-cancelled due to doubts about the strength of the unit. Reviewers mentioned that the screen sometimes, but very quickly gave up the ghost. Samsung employees have to let you know, however, that these problems have to be solved. Outside of the company, however, has none of the improved version can the try. The company also has a new release date has been announced.

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