Smartphoneverbod on the vehicle: the penalties, restrictions and to learn more


Smartphoneverbod op de fiets: de boete, beperkingen en meer uitgelegd

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As of July 1, 2019, may your smartphone to use it on the bike. How to plug in the new law, and what is it? How much is the fine for using your mobile device on your bike? The Android Planet is the answer to an important question about the smartphoneverbod on the bike.

The Smartphone is on, the bike delivers a fine

Hassle-free appen on the bike is out of the question. Those who are caught, it can be a hefty fine. But how does that fit in with, listen to music, make calls, and navigate? And you should be riding with ear plugs in or headphones on? We will talk to you and the best apps in a row, without distraction, to the bike.

What devices can you have on the bike?

The updated law will put an end to ‘appen on the bike, but the expression does not cover the full charge. As of July 1, 2019 and may be because you are not ‘electronic communication device’ and more to hold while you ride. In particular, it is to be a smart phone, a dumb phone, a navigation device, a tablet, and a music player. With such a device in your hand, are you a criminal, and the police and you will survive.

You may use the above-mentioned devices or hands-free use while riding a bicycle. In a very practical, isn’t it. You can, for example, in a holder on your handlebars, mount it, and your smart phone in place, but you can’t touch it. It’s important to have a special app that allows you to your phone using your voice use. This can be done on ear buds, a headset, or the loudspeaker of your smart phone. With a keen eye on your fellow road-users, the last option is not recommended.

You can still make calls using ear plugs or a headset?

Yes, it is still allowed. Due to the wired or wireless earphones and headphones with your smartphone to link to you, you can be on your way to receive calls without your phone, don’t have to use it. Do you want to make a call, then you’ll probably have to stop in order to change your smartphone to deal with.

You will need to make sure that you have the ambient sound is difficult to hear. The government recommends, therefore, that the volume is low or one earphone instead of two. That is, it is not superfluous advice, and, because of a high volume, you can hear other road users who are not very good. This can create a hazardous situation. If you are in a dangerous situation, cause you can get a fine or penalty to get it.


I can still listen to music, or navigate on a bike?

Maybe you can listen to it while cycling (sometimes) to music, and, most likely, through earbuds or in a headset. That is, as long as you have your device in your pocket or bag for later. The cycle can thus be set, and then you use the navigation system to hear it through your earphones or headphones. Do you have any doubt about the route, or do you want to know how long you have to pedal? Then just before you put your unit will appear out.

In regards to the music: the vast majority of earphones and headphones, have either a physical or touch-sensitive buttons to go to the next song or to pause. A new playlist is set up to do your best and when you are away. So as to avoid getting a fine. If you’re using earbuds or headphones, music, listening to, or navigate, you have to have the traffic and must be able to hear it. Is the volume turned up too loud, then you still have time.

Headsets with a voice assistant

Moreover, there appear more and more ear buds, and headphones, with support for Google’s Assistant, and/or Amazon’s Alexa. The assistant will call you to a button on the headset, and, in some cases, you will be Even So, ” or ” Hey, Google, are saying. Then, ask a question or give a command, like “Call Thomas” or ” Play to Beyoncé on Spotify.

Looking for a Google Assistant to the headphones? Sony will sell the WHITE-1000XM3, Bose offers the QuietComfort 35 II, as well as the JBL has a variety of headsets that are suitable for Google’s Assistant.

What is the fine for using a smartphone on the bike?

If you are in to cycling you have a smartphone, you can stand it. You need to identify it, and then the police officer is a traffic ticket written. The fine is 95 euros plus 9 euros for the administration costs. This amount is lower than if you use your smartphone on the motorcycle (160 euro) or to the engine and the car (a 240 million).

How can you, without distraction?

Take a leisurely cycling trip is best done without your smartphone. If you’re in the way, you can put your phone in pocket or bag. Put it on “silent” or not-disturb mode, so that it only vibrates or makes a sound when you receive a call.

→ Read more: do-not-disturb set on your phone

You can also make use of the apps, such as Samsung In the Traffic “Reply”. It works on Android smart phones of all brands, and it activates itself automatically when you’re on the bike. Your appliance for the first time in the not-disturb mode, the only calls that come through. Other types of messages, for instance WhatsApp, it automatically replies with a personalized response. If you know the person who you send this message, that you can have a look.

→ Download, In the Traffic “Reply” in Google Play (free)

How do you use your smartphone’s hands-free?

You ride on an unknown route? Is the navigation convenient. Using ear plugs or a headset to hear the directions while you are smartphonescherm is necessary. You can find voice-guided navigation is not very useful? You can get a smartphonehouder on your steering wheel assembly. You can see the description of the need for the display in principle is not touch. This hands-free use may be permitted.

Drivemode is a free Android app that is suited for hands-free operation of the bike. The service is provided mainly through voice commands, according to the developer, so that you do not go to the screen to have a look. There are integrations with useful apps such as Google Maps and Spotify. Reply to messages with preset responses, or someone to talk to. The app also has a not-disturb mode if you are not a distraction to the bicycles. Here you can read more about the useful apps on the road.

Download the Drivemode Google Play (free)

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If you are going to get you in the smartphoneverbod on the bike to keep it? Whether it is a good chance that you have a penalty, are going to be up? Please let us know in the comments below the article.