WhatsApp and Facebook search each other: Information sharing is more likely to be


WhatsApp en Facebook zoeken elkaar op: Status delen wordt makkelijker

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Slowly, but surely, grows with WhatsApp becoming more and more at Facebook to. The messaging system now makes it easier for WhatsApp Status and share it to their social networks.

WhatsApp Status, Facebook Stories to share

WhatsApp makes it easy to share a Status message to Facebook, according to the latest “beta” version of the app. As soon as your WhatsApp Status message, there is a Facebook “Story” button below. Push it to your message by sending it to the network. The feature is in beta, but will most likely soon be added to the other versions of the app.

WhatsApp Status delen met Facebook Stories

This is a significant step towards the integration between the two apps, but in practice, it is now a relatively minor add-on. If you are a WhatsApp Status is a decision to share that using the built-in feature of the Android operating processes. It is, therefore, not a direct link between the two apps, allowing you to set posts to automatically doorplaatst. In fact, you can also choose to have your Status and share it with Instagram, Gmail, or even Google images. However, Facebook Stories is obvious and has been mentioned.

Facebook integrates WhatsApp, and more

Or turn off Facebook for the last few months, more and more steps are in order for WhatsApp to be in the draw. As announced in may, be sure that you will soon be able to make video calls using WhatsApp through smart, Self-speakers are provided by the social network. In addition to the business directory on Facebook is added to WhatsApp, so that it is easier to the restaurants and shops in the area to come in contact. The company has even considered to get his message together.

Among those was earlier this year, a lot of activity, when it was announced that, from 2020 onwards, advertising in its entirety to see. That is won only in finding the Stories to be shown, but there are fears that other parts of the app with ads torn. Is it time for a different app, and be sure to check out our list of the 5 best WhatsApp alternatives.

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