The new Philips Hue light bulb support bluetooth, does not need a Bridge


Nieuwe Philips Hue-lamp ondersteunt bluetooth, werkt zonder Bridge

Florence Smith


At 11:07 pm
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The news

It has a new type of smart light bulbs to its Hue’s collection have been added. The manufacturers introduced the bluetooth light bulbs, that you are not the Hue Bridge will need to have in order to connect to it. There are, however, some catches to it.

Philips brings smart, Hue, the bluetooth light is off

Who is the smart light bulbs to, come, soon, when the Philips Hue. The popular bulbs will work for a long period of time, along with the Google Assistant, but the Philips comes up with a new way to turn on the lights to connect to it. The redesigned Philips Hue lights support, namely a bluetooth connection, they are without a Hue Bridge to work. You’re only in for the light to turn, and they will appear in the accompanying Philips Hue Bluetooth mobile phone.

However, there are a number of glitches in the new version. With such a bridge of up to 50 light bulbs to your home, you can connect it with bluetooth-a maximum of ten light bulbs and with each other. In addition, they must not be too far away from each other, as in the bluetoothsignaal is not as far-reaching. Do you have a large house with multiple floors, it is important to make sure that the bulbs fit in the right way.

Philips Hue bluetooth-lamp

You can use the lamps in combination with Philips ‘ own Hue app, there’s nothing to worry about. If you want them, however, Google’s Assistant is directing or connecting to the Google Home app, then you’ll get a rude awakening. To do this, and you, unfortunately, as yet, a Bridge is needed, even if it means using its own remote control, will control.

Cost-effective alternative

One is on the other hand, this is the new line of Philips Hue accessories can be a lot more affordable makes. Because it’s a Hue bridge is required to connect the lights, especially in the packages offered to you. If you are between 100 and 250 euros, will be lost.

The bluetooth-enabled light bulbs are going to release over-the-counter, because they don’t necessarily have to be a Bridge needed to be operated on. The Hue lights are already available in the US and Canada, and is coming this fall to the Netherlands. In the first instance, there will be two peer models on the market in three different versions. The Philips Hue is White, it costs 19,95 euro, the Hue of White Rock 29,95 euros, and Philips Hue, the White and the Color pay 59,95 euro’s.

It is going to be starting at the end of this year, more Ha models with the bluetooth wireless connectivity to make. It turns out that the company will be the new standard, as it would at the same time, more than 200 Ha-all the bluetooth support. For now, you can also just Google to the Home, or Nest, a Hub to get to all of the smart devices in your home and can be controlled.

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