These Android smart phones had a security update for week 26

In the Android security overview 26...

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Every week we will put all the Android updates on the popular smartphones to have a list in front of you. Also this week, we’ll return to you with a list of the updates.

In the Android security overview 26

Android on the Planet, we pay regular attention to the updates that these devices are able to receive it. Many of the new Android versions where phones are, for example, can be upgraded to Android 9.0 (Pie) or Android 10.0. To do this, we are also in the Android-9.0-update-summary-and Android, 10.0, update-list, where you can see exactly if and when your phone receive an update.

But the manufacturers also have the year updates, which are often just as important. There is no new major features will contain, you’ll stay protected against all of the (critical) security vulnerabilities on a monthly basis may appear. Every week the Android Planet, and a list of updates for the last seven days. It’s going to be updates to that in the uk, are being rolled out, though it may sometimes happen that one of the service provider before the turn is over the other. Sometimes you have a week to wait.


Security updates will be flying at a high rate this week is from Samsung. For the samsung S9 is a significant update, as there will also be an enhanced night mode in the camera app, it will be added to it. That is, on the S10, and it makes for better photos in situations with less light.

Samsung Galaxy S10 update-June 2019 Samsung Galaxy S10-Plus – update-June 2019 Samsung Galaxy s S10e – update-June 2019 Samsung Galaxy S9 – update-June 2019 + night Samsung Galaxy S9-Plus – update-June 2019 + night Samsung Galaxy S8 – update-June 2019 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – update-June 2019 Samsung’s Galaxy A7 (2018) – update of June, 2019 at the latest Samsung Galaxy s-5 (2017) – update of June, 2019 at the latest Samsung Galaxy s J3 (2017) – update of June, 2019 at the latest Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Graphics 9.0 (Pie) update Nokia

The Finnish manufacturer will come out this week with an incredible sense of bups in the updates, and it provides a lot of line-up to get the latest update. One update that stands out, however, break: for the Nokia-1.

Nokia’s cheapest smartphone, is this week’s update to the Android Pie, and still had quite a bit of on-the-ground. That is, it is a success, is a presentation of: all Nokia smartphones are now Android Pie feature, which Nokia is ahead of just about every other manufacturer.

Nokia 1 – Android-9.0 (Pie) update Nokia 2 – update-June 2019 Nokia 3 – update-June 2019 Nokia-3.1 – update-June 2019 Nokia’s 3.1 Plus – update-June 2019 Nokia-5 – update-June 2019 The Nokia 5.1 is a Plus – update-June 2019 Nokia-6.1 – update-June 2019 Nokia is a 7-Plus – update-June 2019 Nokia-7.1 – update-June 2019 Nokia-8.1 update to June 2019 at the latest Nokia 9 PureView – update-June 2019 Huawei Huawei P20 – update-June 2019 Huawei P20 Pro – update-June 2019 Huawei ascend Mate Is 20, Lite, Android 9.0 (Pie) update LG

While Nokia’s Android Pie updates to complete, it should be LG’s yet to come. The manufacturer has passed this week, two of the Pie ” -release updates for its two most recent flagships. Better late than never, as the saying goes.

LG, V40 ThinQ – Android-9.0 (Pie) update The LG G7 ThinQ – Android-9.0 (Pie) update

So, check out the Android software updates on your smart phone as the first one

If your device is not in the list? Don’t worry, because some of the manufacturers are bringing updates until a later time. And even if your phone is on the list, sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting. In most cases it takes a few days for an update to all copies of a smartphone in reach. Press and hold the Android’s Planet watch for the following list of security updates, or check out our reviews with an (expected) Android 9.0 update and the Android 10.0 with updates.

Each week, you will find an overview of all smart phones that have a (security)update is received. Stay up to date! Please follow the Android Planet on Instagram, or you can download from the Android Planet app. You won’t miss an update to this list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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