Tip: if you can play a GIF directly, share them through Google Images


Tip: zo kun je een GIF direct delen via Google Images

By Dennis de Vries


12:10 pm
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The news

Google allows you to have instant POISON will be sharing from Google Images into other applications. The update is for this to be possible, is rolling out today to users.

The GIF will be shared with other apps

With the update, it is possible to see in Google search GIF to search from the search engine and instantly share them with, for example, in Gmail, Hangouts, or Whatsapp. This will be a big button at the bottom of the search results, so that you know that you can use. If you press on, you can get the GIF directly share an app of your choice. Google keeps track of how likely it is that a GIF, you by the users are done, and the place is so popular images at the top.

Gif delen via Google Images

Google announced the update to their afbeeldingenzoekmachine in a blog post. Therein, they acknowledge that the GIFS play an increasingly important role in our day to day conversations. A lot of the apps that offer the ability to add pictures is to use the Gboard keyboard for Android allows you to, in addition to emoji, and animated GIF’s directly to find it and use it.


To date, it has not been possible to make an animated GIF sharing from Google image search. If you are taking advantage of the position in the search engines, then it was just a link to the GIF file is done in, for example, Whatsapp). By clicking on the animated image to load into the browser and view it. With google’s new mobile animated GIF’s are displayed directly in the conversation.

With the new update of Google Images has been made possible by the acquisition of a start-up business, a Tenor, at the beginning of last year. The Tenor is a platform that focuses on the view, traceable, and able to make GIFS.

Handgelecteerd offer

Not every toxin enters the engine at the front as a straight bar. It’s going to be a curated selection, curated by content contributors, partners, Google, the movie studios and the YouTube community at large. Anyone have a still image is missing, it can also submit it to Google via a web form, or upload it through the platform, can be heard.

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A new way to share animated GIF’s, it is now available in the Google app on Android, iphone, ipad, or in Google image search in Chrome for Android. Google suggests that soon, other mobile browsers on the Android devices with this option. The exact date or the time plan is not given.