Why is a Gmail, the popular keyboard app SwiftKey to links, explains


Waarom Gmail de populaire toetsenbord-app SwiftKey aan banden legt

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Do you use SwiftKey to emails in Gmail is to type? Then we have some bad news for you. From mid-July to work with the keyboard, which is a lot less well in the Photos. The app does not comply with Google’s updated terms and conditions.

Why is the Gmail and it will be released in late won’t work together

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards for the Android platform. During the setup, you can get the app to personalise it, and connect it to other programs, such as Gmail. That way it will teach SwiftKey your writing style, creating personalized word suggestions as you type to be displayed. When you type in a long e-mail, this can save a lot of time.

That’s going to change. Google has started sending out e-mails to Segment users, which allows the keyboard to Google’s recently updated terms and conditions above. If this requirement is not met, access will be by July 15 will be denied.

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This means that from this point on, no longer being able to use the smart Segment features to Gmail, such as the presentation of the words during the process of creating an e-mail. Also serving up the app, then you can’t make contact anymore when it doesn’t.

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SwiftKey has a little bit of time

Google explains in an e-mail that it had its datavoorwaardenbeleid has been strengthened, and that the Segment does not pass the inspection. It is not clear at what point things go wrong, but that’s the app I only have two weeks to get the finishing touches put on. Each Segment-user is similar to the alert mail, incidentally, have been received.

The popular keyboard app, which was created several years ago for hundreds of millions of euros, was acquired by Microsoft. SwiftKey has, for many years one of the most popular keyboard apps for Android.

→ Download, Download SwiftKey on Google Play (free)

The latest news will be released in late

  • Keep the new feature of the SwiftKey Beta with privacy – (23-1)
  • SwiftKey uses a premium theme for free for all (2 to 12)
  • Swiftkey-update to refresh the Hub, which improves the Clipboard (29-11)
  • SwiftKey adds a mode to the keyboard (12-11)
  • SwiftKey Beta now allows you to be in all five languages at the same time, types (1 to 10)