Xiaomi: ‘Cheap 5G phones from next year’

5G-smart phone Redmi...

By Dennis de Vries


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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi says it all, starting from next year’s budget to 5G smartphones on the market. Faster mobile internet than on a smartphone less than 300 euros.

5G-smart phone Redmi

The announcement made by Xiaomi’s General Manager, Lu Weibing has done on the Chinese social platform-Weibo. He pointed out that, in addition to that the different Redmi devices is a trademark of Xiaomi that is affordable, the equipment is released. Redmi is well known for devices with great value-for-money. So it went on for a couple of months ago, the Redmi 7 for sale in Holland, with dual camera and big screen, for a total of 150 euros.

Weibling says that its 5G equipment that’s less than 300 euros, is going to cost you. This is considerably less expensive than the current range of-5G-phones. Xiaomi will sell itself, in some European countries, the Xiaomi Mi-Mix 3 to 5G-ed. A cell phone that works with the 5G network, it costs 100 euros more than the same phone in a 4G version.

5G-phones in the Netherlands

Especially in the Asian countries and the US to lead the way in the roll-out of 5G networks. Therefore, it is in the range 5 G-sets are in there on the way up, while in the Netherlands it is even no need to do so. However, it has been a while rumours about the Samsung Galaxy A90, with 5 g of the support. Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which is believed to be in the autumn of this year, will be presented, it is said that there will be a 5G version comes out. However, it is quite possible that in the Netherlands the 4G edition of this apparatus is given.

The availability of the 5G aircraft in the Netherlands will be a great race, as the 5G network is working, it is. It is not yet clear when that will happen. Sometime this year, it would be a frequentieveiling will have to take place, then we will have in 2020 will be able to make use of it. The exact dates are yet to be announced.

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If, by that time, so then you can go to Xiaomi in any case, for a series of mid-range to 5G smart phones. Although, at that time, it is not inconceivable that other manufacturers are cheaper, 5G phones will have been released.

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