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Android on the Planet, you’ll read seven days a week, and all the best Android news, but it can be done that the past few days, all of these developments does not have to be able to follow it. That is why we bring to you each and every Saturday, a weekly overview of the most important Android news.

Oppo unveils smartphone with a camera at the bottom of the screen

Yes, the first-ever smart phone with a camera at the bottom of the screen will be presented. The device has a screen, that is, the front side of the frame, with the top half of the image is also a selfiecamera. Instead of one large hole for the camera, the image is just the lens around.

On top of the camera there is a special glass with a minimum of reflection and to become more transparent, allowing the selfiecamera just be useful it remains. The glass of the screen is also used as a camera lens, is used. It is an additional to is that, Yes, the larger selfiecamera’s at the bottom you can stop, than in the past. The manufacturers try to have the notch in the top of the picture is so small, as it can be, but is not required.

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Beware of dangerous Android apps, disguise themselves as popular apps

In the google Play Store had over the past few years, more than two-thousand-dangerous-apps-to-find that has been as well known to services, reported ComputerWorld. The claim was based on a study by security experts at the University of Sydney, australia.

The researchers are working with artificial intelligence to make all the Play Store has to go through. The AI was the icons displayed on the 10,000 most popular apps, and then went on to look at other apps with similar icons. In the end, almost 50,000 apps have been detected with similar icons, so in any case, it is associated with well-known apps are trying to wake up.
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Lock on the Smartphone it is defeated by Intel and other chipmakers

Intel, Micron, and American chipmakers have in recent weeks, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of chips were sold to the Smartphone, reports the New York Times. Even though it is actually the handelsblokkade ignore it, think about it, the businesses have a back door, to be found in the forthcoming situations. Intel, Micron and others have claimed that they are the only crisps to sell outside the united states, and the rules are not broken.

If this alternative position is that it may be good news for consumers. This allows Huawei to have a big production to continue, and the manufacturer can also be in the next few months, new smartphones to introduce and produce.

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Everything we know about Google’s-Pixel 4

Even though Google’s Pixel is 4 and is expected to pass in October, there are lots of specifications, photos, and other details of the past weeks have already transpired. For this reason, we have this week, with the most prominent rumor so far, with you. Thus, it is likely to be the first Pixel with the dual camera on the back. The sources speak also of a custom design, with a smaller sensitive applications than in the past. Even Google has to have a picture of the unit is done.

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“Microsoft is working on folding and Surface-surface tablet Android apps

We may be at the beginning of next year, look out for a Microsoft Surface tablet, which is double-fold. The device is running, according to the rumors, the Android-based apps. The company has been behind the scenes for a while, been busy with the development of a fold-up Surface of the tablet. In the first half of 2020 must be ready. And that, says the news site Forbes, that the information that was given to a well established market.

The Surface tablet is that, by 2020, reportedly, will be presented in two 9-inch screens with 4:3 aspect ratio. So, it seems that Microsoft didn’t opt for the flexible screen, but rather have two separate screens, which, along with the other is to use it. The user interface of Windows 10, which is adapted to have a dual-screen design as possible.

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