Column: “The confidence in the Alert has a dented


Column: Het vertrouwen in NL Alert heeft een deuk gekregen

Erwin Vogelaar


At 10:22 pm
3 min

The news

Over the past week, a lot of problems, but the worst part was the communication regarding the interference 112. The Alert level of trust and a blow given him.

EN the Alert and confident

It seemed to be at the beginning of this week, all of mass. It all started with the sudden heat wave. We haven’t even had time to take a light jacket and to get used to it, if we are smashing another of our t-shirts out of.

It is a fact that is directly on its head, as it is a little bit of snow, but apparently we’re not even at a high temperature is prepared. We saw, for example, to the problem of the railways, which drives around rush hour, full of were good people that were able to pass out.

It am misery was compounded by the failure of the emergency call number 112 for the wrong information in an NL Alert, and to make things worse, it was in the Albert Heijn supermarket is also close by. This event is not so much the heat, but it was going to be all together in a big, warm clusterfuck.

nl alert vertrouwen

If it’s really going to get bad

And so, I’m sure if we were ready for it, if things go wrong. Normally, you’ll only be able to see whether all the preparation for a disaster is good if there is actually a disaster. To this day, we were, however, a angstvallige preview.

First of all, the idea is that the 112 can all be a problem. This should be the last resort when something has gone wrong. I have, fortunately, only a couple of times and having to make a call to this phone number, after a loss, and my shoulder, from the rear, it was abandoned in a field. But that’s a different story. I like the fact that this issue is always there. I was immediately nervous, the feeling was that ie was not the case.

But, we are always EN the Alert: the latest guidance on the information which you have, in theory, is completely can rely on the fence of the dam, and your life is literally being threatened. The system is really clever, because it works even when the network is congested or down. But then, the government would be in place for a substitute emergency, by accident, the tipnummer of the new means of communication.


We can all make a mistake with the copy-and-paste, but this is not a message that you have been directed to the wrong person’s hand. This is a message to almost the entire population of the Netherlands is, with life-saving information. You should expect that there are at least a few of the checks pass, before the send button is clicked. Perhaps the worst part of the mistake only after an hour it was fixed.

I will be EN the Alert, it was only this week on my phone. So, We can write it on the Android Planet is always clean, as there will be a new inspection report will be issued, and the need for this service, but I have made it for me to sneak more, the battery life on my phone than my own life.

Due to these troubles, I have EN the Alert, I checked it, because I do not want to miss out on, and I have a phone with a good battery). But, after a major error, that is, literally, loss of life can cost, I have significantly less faith that the Netherlands is ready for it, if things go wrong.

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