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The news

The handelsblokkade between Google and Huawei, and has a surprising turn of events given. The American president, He and the Chinese president, Xi Jinping will go to negotiate a new trade agreement (ceta). In the meantime, Google may want to do business with Huawei.

Huawei handelsblokkade will be removed: you need to know

That is, the Us president, announced at the g-20 summit which is currently taking place in Japan. He has also said that “American companies are allowed to sell the Smartphone.” It also shows that the united states government from the previous plan to provide additional import tariffs for Chinese goods.

“We have American companies – the Android Planet, the only one who has this type of complex technology to be able to make it. That’s why I decided to give the sale to. I think it’s good that our companies have to have others to sell. These things are not easy to get to. The affected companies have been freaked out, but we are selling now once again on the rise,” said He.

The ruling is particularly important for Google, which owns the Android operating system. The Chinese smartphones from Huawei to run on the software, and thanks to the handelsblokkade it came to the future of the co-operation will be in danger. The decision, however, must still be officially closed, since it is currently the Smartphone is still on the Us blacklist of companies not acted on it.

According to the Home to begin with, the specific negotiations with the Chinese manufacturer “coming soon”. Most likely, these conversations in the following week instead. “The Ascend-a situation we will discuss at the end of the night. We need to have a look at what we in the trade are going to do,” explains Trump.

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So what does this mean for my Huawei phone?

Even though the last word is certainly not said to be, it means that in the future, Google and the Smartphone (for now) to be safe. The phones of the manufacturer, Android will continue to run, just as you are now familiar with. In addition, it would mean that the software will support, in the form of (security)updates over the next few years, gegarendeerd it is.

Already gave the Smartphone of all smartphones, which is currently in the shop, and in the past have been sold and continue to update it. The handelsblokkade was primarily due to problems in the longer term, as the Chinese manufacturer will look to an Android-powered alternative. In addition, the handelsblokkade a lot of money due to a drop in sales.

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