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15:48 pm
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Every Sunday, select the Android, the Planet, the best Android apps, updates and games from the Google Play Store. Also this week, there was plenty of beautiful things with it. These are the best Android apps of the week-26 in 2019.


You’ll know it for sure. After watching a short movie about a unknown topic, think of YouTube and all of a sudden you’re very interested in, and your entire home screen is filled with this kind of videoaanbevelingen. As of this week, it will be easier to the YouTube algorithm to be correct. You can see it on the home screen is an annoying video, then tap on the three dots below it and then select ‘Not interested’. The algorithm adapts itself directly to it.

→ Download, YouTube, Google Play (free)


Those who would like to have a trip in advance, plan it and have everything organized in one place, it is Clear is a great app. Originally, it was out of the Kayak only as a comparator of flight tickets. In the meantime, it is also possible to the hotels (and rental cars) to look for. You can use the app, therefore, you have all the travel arrangements and plan. In spite of the wide range of features, the app is clearly arranged and offers many useful tools on the go. For example, it is useful tips for you at the airport, where you will be able to the of your travel documents offline and save it so you always have them on hand. Very nice to have the option to set the price of a hotel is to keep an eye on it and allow it to happen at a time when there was a deal.

→ Download, Download out of the Kayak in the google Play Store (free of charge)


You don’t Surespot answer. That makes a lot more sense. With only a half-million-downloads-in-Google-Play ” is the message of a lot less popular than WhatsApp, which has more than one billion Android-powered devices can be found. Surespot is one of the safest and most secure alternatives to WhatsApp, because the messages are very well encrypted. In addition, Surespot is completely anonymous, so you are at the sign-on is not phone number with the app, no need to share with you. Further, chat with others locally on your device is stored.

→ Download Surespot Google Play (free)


This finance gives you a smarter understanding of your fixed costs. Like, for example, to better control how much you get each month and pay it to your power company. Dyme defines fixed costs for you, so you can put them in a single glance back to see it. Perhaps the evidence for the use of a lot more streaming services to pay out than you thought, or you cling to help. In addition, Dyme a step further: the app allows one-click subscription and you cancel it, or even help to make the transition to other service providers.

→ Download, Download Dyme on Google Play (free)