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Through the eye of a needle. Now, the U.s. president and Donald Trump for the ban, around the Smartphone and has been suspended, the issues, the Chinese phone maker is resolved. But anyway, it is now a good idea to have a Huawei ascend smartphone to buy?

Huawei’s ban stops: 11, questions and answers

Huawei has a very hectic period behind us. The company, which was at the beginning of this year, is still hoping for Samsung to the throne to be the most popular phone maker in the world, to be received by the end of may, with a very loud bang. By a decision of the united states government, it was for the consumers to suddenly become unclear on what the future of the Smartphone-a smartphone is. A survey of the Android Planet, readers found that 28 per cent of our visitors are not interested in a Huawei device, and that a further one-quarter are now less likely to have a Smartphone would have to buy it.

This weekend, the situation changed once again. The Us president, when He was known to Ascend the black list, so that the company does business with American companies. The danger of the Smartphone-the user is gone, or it seems that way? We review the current state of affairs with you, and said, for this purpose, Huawei, providers, and other specialists.

In the past few weeks?

On the 23rd of may it was announced that the united states government, under the leadership of president Trump, the sanctions for companies that want to do business with Huawei. This means that American companies are not allowed to own the Chinese company. Originally, this handelsblokkade immediately, but after protests from businesses and local authorities who have to Ascend back, it has been decided that the current policy, and at the end of August, dealt with, and it was allowed.

This weekend it was Home to a well-known and the ban on trade with a Smartphone on the receipt. After a meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in london, he made his decision at the end of may to go back. This would mean that Us companies, including Google and Qualcomm, so in a direct business may do so with a Smartphone.

The ban on Huawei is fully suspended?

Huawei has not yet released. At the end of may and posted the Home not only of Huawei, but also of some seventy companies related to it in the list. It is not known whether all the companies of the list is reached, or the only, Huawei phone safe has been provided. It is expected that in the coming days for final confirmation, but the outlook is very good.

Can I just have a Huawei smartphone should you buy?

Do you want to have a Huawei ascend smartphone, but do you have the last couple of weeks and to sit a doubt? It’s good to know that you’re going to be so much security for a device like the Huawei, P30, Pro, or P, Smart-Z-go. Yes, you can use a Smartphone smartphone to buy, there are still some minor glitches to it.

Now that the sanctions have been suspended, it may Ascend again, grotens, as always, to continue with the development of the Android operating system and the development of new smartphones and tablets. The future of Android updates will be made in accordance with the same pace to continue to pop up. For the unannounced smartphone may Smartphone to benefit from the production partners and component parts, as before.

The big ‘if’, it is the fact that the Home at any time of the sanctions to re-entry. Also, in the future, and a possible blockage like a sword of Damocles above the Huawei to hang out. The decision of the Us president for the reason that he is China bothering to sit, he / she may Ascend once more to the black list. The chance of that seems small, but He has in the past been more likely to show that he is unpredictable.

The good news: a warned person counts for two, and the same goes often for business. We are expecting that Huawei is behind the scenes, and now a lot of steps in order to not be re-surprised by it.

Works with Smartphone with its own operating system.

If we put the rumours are to be believed, it works, Huawei has for years been a proprietary operating system, which is an alternative for the Android platform. Shortly after the start of the penalties that went into the reports on HongMeng OS, which Huawei autumn of this year should be introduced. The company might even be in the conversation with the other appwinkels an alternative to the google Play Store.

Officially, want to Ascend, there is still nothing about it. Android, Planet, spoke last week of Walter’s Youth, to the European chief executive of Huawei, about this rumor. He did not deny that the Smartphone alternative to Android and it works. The head gave a particularly elusive answer, but said that Huawei is “a commitment to the Android platform. We do not have any plans to set up a private system to be hurt.”

This interview took place just before the president’s Home to Ascend the black list before you left. That the Youth, nevertheless, is so hard to get their own operating system is known, which suggests that the company’s cost what is the cost of peace of mind will be set. Just like Huawei, really can’t be helped, they will move away from the Android platform. There is a big chance that the company will, in the coming months (and years) to continue the development of the HongMeng OS, even if it is to have a plan B, should it again be in trouble. But it is available to consumers, there’s nothing to hear, to the outside world, to want to Ascend to make it clear that Android is full of choice.

Why was America a Smartphone straight?

The Us government accused Huawei of spying on behalf of the Chinese government. “Foreign enemies and exploit them more and more often, the vulnerabilities in our systems,” according to the memo, which is Home to this message as the sanctions go back.

Smartphone is not just smart phones, but also for networking. The 4G network in the Netherlands and many other European countries, is built on the equipment of Huawei. According to Trump, has a Smartphone, however, vulnerabilities in these devices is built-in, so as to spy on the Chinese government to be able to join in on our network. If the allegations are correct, it would be for the Chinese government, thanks to the Smartphone, at a more global scale, governments, businesses and individuals will be able to listen.

There Is evidence that Huawei, on behalf of China, spioneert?

It is almost impossible to prove that Huawei and the Chinese government to assist. It is true that there are vulnerabilities in the systems of Huawei, have been identified. In theory, the vulnerabilities may be, to the customer data of the user to determine, or even to listen in on calls.

However, such vulnerabilities, which are in so many products. It is almost impossible to get a software that does not have to be open to break its fall. Software development is a human activity, and humans do make mistakes. These errors are almost always accidental, and it is then all too eager to abuse by security forces. While the u.s. government accused of spying by the vulnerabilities, the FBI is all too happy to be the vulnerability of the iPhone secretly.

That the vulnerabilities are in the network devices (and smartphones) on Smartphone, to which the company is not. As security researchers, a flaw in Huawei’s equipment to report the lost to the manufacturer, so far and fast on it. However, the question is whether those vulnerabilities are aware of have been added, and whether or not the presence of it in Dutch with the government. That is, to date, has not been proven, and it is also, in the future, it is difficult to identify. Just as there are government documents from China’s emergence, that the order for the vulnerabilities to add, and we’re 100 per cent sure of that. And those that are not (yet), which is a right/wrong question arises.

Why has the ban now been lifted?

If He is so concerned about the safety and security of the Smartphone, you might expect that the sanctions will not simply be removed. That suggests, of course, is that there is more to it than that, and that is where a lot of resources on. The Us president is in at the moment, after all, is also embroiled in a trade war with the Chinese government. The United States imports each year, billions and billions out of China, while China has relatively few imports from the united states. If He is, it will balance it a little more straightened out.

Huawei was in the last couple of weeks is actually a pawn in the game, and that He and the Chinese government is. The manufacturer is considered to be one of the jewels in the crown among Chinese technology companies. By the manufacturer seem to be concerned, could He have the pressure on China to step up.

Officially, the trade war and there’s nothing to do with it, but He spoke last month of his mouth, passed on during a press conference, and alluded it to. “For Huawei, it is something that is very, very dangerous. However, it is also possible to Ascend to a bottom of a handelsdeal of China.” The agreement with the g-20 summit this weekend, suggesting that it is not security, but act as the main driving force is Home.

What about the Honor?

It is completely at the bottom of the Smartphone, and it was in the exact same situation. It is a sub-brand of Huawei, which is aimed at younger users. The Smartphones of this brand like the Attack 20 Lite offers the same hardware as a Smartphone for a lower price. Although the Honor is sometimes an independent aim, it is, in fact, it is nothing more than a Smartphone. The penalties for a Smartphone now, and so that Development will be business as usual to continue.

Other Chinese manufacturers will also be at risk?

Huawei, of course, is not the only Chinese manufacturer who is active in the Netherlands, it is. Also, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and others are selling smart phones. Nevertheless, it is likely that these firms encounter problems living on a lot less, because they are not networking to sell it. The united states government, it will not just spy betichten.

If the trade war between China and the United States as well, the situation is, of course, is always changing. He can choose to be more and more Chinese companies are under the spell to do so, the government has issued new tariffs and accept it. The probability is very small, because China might be inclined to have U.s. companies in the spell to do it. Such as Apple, Google, and others, are nothing more in the production and sales in China, has serious consequences for the U.s. economy. Eventually, the two kingdoms together, through a single door.

What’s the deal with Huawei and 5G in the uk?

Huawei, together with KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile will be responsible for the construction of practically the whole of the Netherlands, 4G networks. Also, the roll-out of 5G, the majority of service providers plan to Ascend to turn it on. It is expected that T-Mobile and Huawei, as of the end of the year, 5G, went on to offer, in The Hague and other large cities, but those plans are now of a lower priority.

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The Dutch government will be made this week, some of the thresholds are well-known for the involvement of Huawei in the 5G. The Chinese manufacturer has not been ruled out for the construction of a new network, but you have to be on some strict conditions are met. As a Smartphone some critical parts of it, can do so only if they comply with these more stringent requirements. As to what those requirements mean, and whether or not the providers, as the other partner is still unknown. Service Providers to keep the public as a whole, for now, firmly to each other, when we are dealing with 5G in the process.

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