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In this tip, we show you what options you have to get to the parts of the Android screen, so your children will, undisturbed, with your smart phone or tablet, you can play them.

Parental control for Android

Children are capable of doing more than you think you are with your smartphone or tablet. As a result, the risk is that, without that, you have to be very in – touch with the sexually explicit images, or to plunge hundreds of dollars to spend on with in-app purchases in a game that, at first glance, is free it seems.

The Family is the Link to app from Google, you can, fortunately, be easily make sure that your children or teenagers, have limited access to their smartphone. For example, set a daily limit, or set certain apps to be automatically locked. We will put the first of what the Family Link is, and how to get it set up, then we’ll give you some tips to make your Android smartphone screen.

1. Set up a Family Link

Before you start, you should if you are a parent or a caretaker Gezinsbeheerder be. To do this, Download Family Link for parents ” on your Android-powered smartphone, and Family links for children and teens, on your phone of your child. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions and enter the code on the device of your child.

2. To activate parental controls in the Google Family Link

To set a daily limit , to allow you to open a Family Link to it on your own Android-powered smartphone. You have to select child and then tap under the “time amount to proper level” to “Set”. Then, for each day, indicate the number of hours your child, it can be used. Please note that daglimieten of the application on any Android device that your child uses. If you, your child, for example, is an Android-powered smartphone, as the tablet has it, he’ll be on two devices in total, up to two hours.

In the same way, suppose you have a bed in it. After this agreed upon period of time, the screen will help your child to make his or her phone is automatically unlocked, and you can be so much more with it. You can find the Time tab: in addition to ‘Daily’.

Finally, it can be a smartphone or a tablet for your child at any time to lock, for example, at the dinner table. To do this, select your child and the Family to Link the app to find the Android-powered device to your child. Then choose the ‘lock Now’. After dinner, you can tap “Unlock,” so you’re a teenager, back to the phone to use it.

3. To avoid the expensive in-app purchases

About 98 percent of Google Play apps are free to download, but will require certain features that you are really spending money. If you are not prepared, the cost can really add up: before you know it, buy you, your child, and suddenly, for hundreds or thousands of items in a Fortnite. Follow these steps to help prevent it:

Open your Google Play Store app, tap the three lines at the top left and go to the ‘Settings’button; Select the ‘Parental control’; Turn on parental controls on it, and choose a password. Then, you can determine what age group the games you have children or not, without the pin you should be able to download; Go back to the previous menu, and select ” require Authentication for purchases. To put it in For a full Play purchase on this device”. Next, make sure that your children are not your Google account password, and then they can buy anything without a password.

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