Summary: the best-Belsimpel-discounts on mobile phone Huawei, LG, Oppo, and more


Overzicht: de beste Belsimpel-aanbiedingen op Huawei, LG, Oppo en meer



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At Belsimpel you get a new smartphone this week, with a lot of tools for this. We have the best deals in the Bizarre Belsimpel Days for you to collect.

Summary: the very best of Bizarre Belsimpel Days of deals

Up to and including Wednesday, to find the odd Belsimpel Days. Get your holiday or is it time to treat yourself to a new phone? You can Belsimpel enjoy an additional discount on some of the most popular Android smartphones and tablets. For Huawei, for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Oppo, and more are all on offer on sale. All of the deals, both separately and in combination with a subscription, sold separately.

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Within the range, you’ll find some eye-catching deals, including big discounts on the LG G8s ThinQ. Even though the smartphone will officially be available later this month in the Netherlands to appear, Belsimpel him in stock for a reduced price. Also, in the Pixel 3 (X, a device that is not officially sold in the Netherlands, it is pretty reduced in price.

Bizarre Belsimpel Dagen

Huawei, Nokia, the offer is

In addition, many of the more recent and the most popular Android-powered smartphones are a lot cheaper than they have been to. If it sells Belsimpel Huawei P30 Pro for 689 euros, while the lowest price at the other stores, is currently more than 750 euros. Now, the handelsblokkade on a Smartphone grotens has been eliminated, you are also assured Android updates for the flagship. We have found the best deals for you have collected, or check out the full list for yourself at the store.

  • Huawei, P30, Pro, from 859 to 689 euro
  • Yes, Moved from 499 euro 439 euro
  • LG G8s ThinQ from 699 euros to 599 euros
  • Google Pixel’s 3 (XL) from 549 euros to 499 euros
  • Player 10, from 269 euros to 219 euros
  • Honor the Play of 249 euros to 199 euros
  • The Nokia 5.1 is 149 euro to 129 euro
  • Alcatel 3 out of a total of 149 euro to 129 euro

Don’t wait too long, because of the Bizarre Belsimpel Day, but until Wednesday, the 3rd of July. In addition, the supply is limited. This smartphone Is sold out you will not have any more of the action tariff has to be able to get it.